No Make-up November.

Isn't it funny how without make up we feel naked?
It's almost like we're hiding behind a mask.
For the month of November, a couple of my roommates and I are participating in, 
"No Make-up November"
It's been a little bit of a struggle for me.
I'm just not use to my natural face.
I feel uncomfortable.
But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?
I don't want to continue to think that make-up is the only thing that can make me beautiful.
I am beautiful without it and I need to gain confidence in myself.
Make-up does not make me beautiful.
But my actions and words do. 

So, make-up, I'll see you in December.
Stay classy.


  1. Cute!! Last semester,my roommates and I did "Fresh-Faced February". It was so hard! We only lasted like a week or two. But it made me realize that Being makeupless isn't such a bad thing! It's just hard for me when it's winter and I am WHITE. Haha! No makeup is much easier during the summer.

    But you are so darling,so it works out (: Have fun with it!!!


  2. You look beautiful with or without makeup. :)

  3. I did something like this in high school for "lent", the 40 days leading up to Easter. It was soooo hard but I made it through and learned a lot from it. You can do it!!

  4. A couple summers ago, I didn't wear any makeup for the whole three months because it was so hot out, nothing would really stay on.
    I started dating my boyfriend not too long before that and it took him quite a few weeks to realize I wasn't wearing anything. When he did say something (which was something sweet of course), I realized that I didn't really need make up because most of the time, no one even notices.

    Now, I wear makeup like I wear my jewelry, just if I feel like it.

    You look just as beautiful, if not more, without makeup. Good luck with your challenge!


  5. But you look soo pretty :) you're lucky you can pull it off so well ;)
    I think this is a great initiative, I feel I should totally follow suite!


  6. Very neat! I usually don't wear make-up, though I feel much better with it. It's just so much simpler!

  7. I think you're gorgeous with or without make-up. I wear make-up almost every day. It does make me feel better about myself but there are days when I just don't care.

  8. It is so interesting how it changes the way we feel even though the essence of us is the same with or without it. I have never commented here, but wanted you to know I have followed for a while and love your style and how you get to the end product. Great blog, dahling. =)
    Kristina J.

  9. You look gorgeous without make-up <3

  10. I agree with all of the comments that you look great without makeup. I think not wearing makeup is super freeing-- I never have to worry about brushing up against my husband when he's wearing light tops or rubbing my eyes when they itch. :) Cool challenge.

  11. If I had better skin I would never wear makeup, lol. I love the way a clean face feels! You look amazing without it!

  12. In order to have better have to stop putting makeup on. I have never worn makeup and I am 42 and my skin looks younger (ie, wrinkles, texture, etc) than women half my age. I am sure that not putting fake, man made ingredients is the biggest contribution to the condition of my skin!
    I say...way to go...truth be told...majority of men would say that natural is best. Think about it...they are natural makeup...why should we do it and somehow be judged as more attractive because of it....saves a ton of cash too!



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