December 31, 2013

A conundrum of topics.

pants, sweater, hat: thrifted, booties: famous foot wear

Happy New Years Eve! This holiday is near and dear to my heart. Robert proposed to me two years ago tonight! Read about it HERE if ya wanna. Last year we celebrated by going thrift store shopping and then hit up a hot springs with some friends. This year is going to be so fun! Ha, Rob's sick so we're staying home. He's playing video games and I'm well... laying on the couch. Maybe I'll clean up our house? Naw, doubt it.

I got my hair cut and let's just say that the girl who cut my hair does not understand curly hair. It's a lot shorter than what I wanted but hey, it grows back. I was mad about it for an hour and now I'm over it. A couple more months and I'll have my long locks back again.

My mom made me get these boots above when we were in Utah last week. I had only brought one pair of boots and well, uh, they were totally broken. I mean cracks in the sole that were not fixable (I tried to fix them with hot glue and everyone laughed at me. I just couldn't part with them just yet!). I LOVED them! They went with everything and I got them for $4 at a thrift store. You can't beat $4. Ever. I didn't want to part with them. But my mother convinced me to give the heave-ho to said boots and here we are. These boots don't really go with this outfit (my dead boots would have ;) but it's cool. They're still cute. 

Also, I got a job at Michael's today. I start Thursday. I needed a job and I got one. Kind of embarrassing that I just got a college degree and now I'll be working for minimum wage, but hey, a job is a job and it will pay the bills. 

December 30, 2013

Emerald and Resolutions.

jacket, sweater, skirt, & shoes: thrifted, necklace: graduation gift from my momma!

Emerald was Pantone's color of the year for 2013. I'm just getting around to wearing it but I LOVE IT! I got that skirt and necklace above, and another sweater in emerald all within last week. I get a little obsessive, alright? It's just such a gorgeous color. I'll definitely be wearing it into the new year. And cheetah print. I'm on the hunt for some cheetah print booties. If you see anything for a decent price help a sista out!

At church yesterday, all of the speakers spoke about resolutions and how we can make goals that are attainable and worth doing. I know most of us want to lose those 10 pounds (or 25 ;) or save a little more money this year. But one speaker really changed my outlook on resolutions. He stated the questions, "Do we ever think about making goals of being more charitable or more kind to others? Do we make goals that are all about us or do we try to be more Christ-like and find ways to help others?" I know in the past I've only made resolutions that deal with me. This year, I want to make resolutions that involve finding ways to lift those around me. It's simple acts of kindness that make all the difference. A smile, a laugh, a hug, a text message. Those are all simple things that can make a huge difference. I hope we all can make resolutions for ourselves that make us better and also make resolutions that help our friends, family, and even strangers. 

I feel like I should end this with an amen. So, AMEN! 

December 29, 2013

I'm a Graduate.

sweater, pants, boots, & bag: thrifted, necklace: lia sophia

My time at Brigham Young University Idaho has come to an end. It's a bittersweet ending and I'm not quite sure how I really feel about it. I spent 3 years working hard towards that degree. I changed my major 5 times until it finally felt right. I loved being a student. 

Oh, there were definitely times when I had enough and I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. But quitting was never an option for me. I was determined to finish. I wanted my degree and I had always wanted it. So I pulled a few all nighters. I worked my butt of for good grades. I came up short sometimes. I failed a few tests. But I did it. I got my degree. It's a great feeling. What now though? No deadlines. No sleepless nights. No homework. I've been a student for so long that I don't know what to do now. I'm just kind of lost in a way. But I guess it's okay. I'll figure out this adult thing.... sooner than later I hope.