October 31, 2011

Fred and Wilma.

 Fred: orange mumu: made by me, blue polo, tie, and shoes: Rob's
Wilma: dress: made by me, necklace: made by me(ping pong balls), shoes: charlotte russe, leggings: roomie's

Welp, boyfriend has made his debut.
I had so much fun making our costumes!
We won most creative costumes at my ward party.

Then, we decided to go planking...

Now, all I need to do is get this orange out of my hair.

Hope you guys had a fun halloween :)
I sure did!


October 13, 2011


sweater, blouse, belt: thrifted, pants: kohl's, shoes: target, purse: charlotte russe

I've found that this semester has been the most stressful semester evaaaa.
I'm beyond busy.
I wake up early to get to class or work by 8, I don't get home until 6 every night. Then I have homework, my humanitarian service club, a boyfriend, and roommates who I want to spend time with. These last couple of weeks have really gotten to me and I've been so exhausted.
When I get exhausted, I just start crying. 
That's how I deal with my stress and when I'm done, then I move forward. 

The other night I was having a mini-meltdown and the boyfriend happened to be here.
We were just talking about my schedule and if there was anything that I could take out.
There really wasn't anything that I could give up.
But then he said something that changed everything.

He asked me how often I've been reading my scriptures and giving time to ponder and reflect and rely on my faithI hadn't been doing so.I got so caught up in getting everything done that I forgot what matters most to me; my faith and my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

So, I re-prioritized my life.
Putting God first and letting everything else fall into place.

I've seen such a difference.
I'm so grateful for loved ones who help us see what we can't.

[I don't mean to shove my beliefs down anyone's throats. I hope I don't come off that way. My religion is a huge part of who I am and I wanted to share an experience that really affected me. xoxo]

October 11, 2011

Sunday Strolls.

shirt, sweater, skirt, boots: thrifted, tights: mom'd

Sunday walks are my favorite.
They're a time, at least for me, to reflect and ponder. 
I love taking a stroll with those I love and being able to be out side in the fresh air and just talk.
This past Sunday, a couple roomies and I took a walk to the park and then sat on a bench for a little while.
I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to spend with them.

They're sunshine on a cloudy day.

October 10, 2011


dress: jcrew($10!!), sweater & belt: thrifted, boots: target, scarf: nooo idea

Hi my sweet baby angels!
It's been awhile since I've posted...
Here's a little update on my life for ya.

I'm taking 16 credits, working as a secretary, homegirl got a boyfriend, serving as a council member on a humanitarian service organization, doing homework up the ying yang, and trying to still have a social life is cray cray.

What have you guys been up to?
I've missed you!