November 30, 2011

I am His Daughter.

shirt, sweater, belt, boots: thrifted, tights: walmart, skirt: target

"there's so much more to me
he helps me to see that I have so much to offer
I am his daughter
he loves me the way I am
he's my strength when I stand
he is my king, and my father,
I am his daughter"

I've just been thinking so much about self worth lately. Not wearing make-up has really opened me up to what really matters. Sure, make-up may enhance beauty. But being a daughter of a King strengthens me more than make-up every could. You know, it's funny, because my boyfriend loves that I'm not wearing make-up. He keeps telling me: "You don't need it. You are so beautiful without it."  This experience has opened my eye to true and real beauty. The beauty that comes from the heart, not from appearance. I've come to love myself for the way I was made. Listen to this song and remember the beauty you truly have.

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November 29, 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

Hey there!
I've got a treat for you today! I'm giving away a Shabby Apple dress to one lucky winner!

Look at that green beauty!

Here's how you enter:
Go to the Shabby Apple Facebook page and like their page. 
Leave me a comment saying you've liked them and you're golden!
I'll announce the winner next Tuesday! (my birthday :) eeek!)

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Goooood Luck :)

November 17, 2011

So, maybe I kissed a moose.

shirt & sweater: thrifted, pants: ross, shoes: forever21

Random fun fact for you;
moose are my favorite animal.

Also, BYU-Idaho has this weird animal room.

And, this whole no make-up thing is hard. I'm struggling with it. I know that we all have inner beauty, but I look in the mirror and see "Plain Jane." I've noticed myself hiding behind my glasses lately.I've realized that I critique myself a lot. Yesterday I was expressing to my roommates how I look albino without makeup and that I have man brows. 

Hello? Where is my self confidence.

Therefore; I've decided this challenge is for my well being. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I will believe that statement by the end of this month. I was created this way. I was hand crafted. It's time I start seeing the beauty that I know I was made with. 

November 16, 2011

New look.

Diggin' the new look?
Me too.

Thanks Bri! You are THE BEST.
Check out her blog if you haven't.
You'll love it.

November 15, 2011

You and I.

Photo of boyfriend and I done by a friend.

Love this song.
Enjoy :]

November 10, 2011

No Make-up November.

Isn't it funny how without make up we feel naked?
It's almost like we're hiding behind a mask.
For the month of November, a couple of my roommates and I are participating in, 
"No Make-up November"
It's been a little bit of a struggle for me.
I'm just not use to my natural face.
I feel uncomfortable.
But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?
I don't want to continue to think that make-up is the only thing that can make me beautiful.
I am beautiful without it and I need to gain confidence in myself.
Make-up does not make me beautiful.
But my actions and words do. 

So, make-up, I'll see you in December.
Stay classy.

November 8, 2011

Guest Post: Awkward Girls.

I sure do have a treat for you today!
I fell upon the Awkward Girls blog a couple months ago and let me tell you;
they are the cutest best friend I ever did see!
I fell in love with their style instantly.
I asked both of them to pick their favorite thrifted pieces.
I about died when I saw what they picked!
Enjoy :]

Hey all you lovely Thrifted Things readers!
We're Lauren and Madison from Awkward Girls.
When Katherine asked us to guest post over here we kind of went a little cray cray with excitement because we were already avid fans of her blog. Seriously guys, how does she do it? She's so cute!

So before we go any further, you might want to know a little bit about us
We're best friends in college who love fashion and everything that goes with it. But since we're poor college students, we're living on a tight budget. Which forces us to get really creative with our shopping habits, which is where thrifting comes in.
We definitely haven't reached Katherine's expertise, but we are thrifting fiends.
There is just something so satisfying about looking through a thrift store for hours and then finding that one unique item that was only meant for you. Know what we mean? Not to mention, it's so much cheaper.

So Katherine asked us to share some of our favorite thrifted beauties.
Lauren's Pick: 
Dress: thrifted via decades, cardigan: jcrew, belt: thrifted, necklace: uo, boots: miz mooz
This lace dress is one my all-time favorite finds anywhere. It was found at one of our favorite vintage stores in Salt Lake City. It's a vintage Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax dress from the 70's. 

When we first saw it on the hanger, I kind of just thought it looked more or less like a giant sack of lace. But then I tried it on and it was like the heavens opened. Okay not that dramatic, but it fit perfectly. So now it's mine. Maybe when I first brought it home, I seriously considered keeping for my wedding. Is that so wrong?
I love the vintage, rustic feel of the lace, especially when it's contrasted with leather accents. I feel so Jenny from Forrest Gump when I wear it.
For more detailed picture, go to this post.

Madison's Pick: 
This lovely skirt was found in the bowels of the DI, just waiting to be discovered. I like to think it used to belong to a very stylish old lady who trotted around in her stylish colorful skirts.
Truth be told, this skirt was tent-sized when I bought it. However, I just happen to have a sewing-savvy sister who took it in for me and viola! Sassy pleated skirt. I love it because it is basic enough to wear with any style top and always adds a pop of color!

So there it is! Like what you see? Stop by the blog for more thrifted finds!

Thanks again Katherine! You da best, gurrrrrl.


Do you all have major girl crushes now?
I sure do...

November 4, 2011

Love Language.

sweater: mall store, scarf: thrifted, white v-neck: walmart, jeans: ross, shoes: target

In one of my classes my teacher is having us read a book about Love Languages.

My love language is tied with kind acts of service and quality time.
Boyfriend's is quality time and words of admiration.

I'm curious,
what love languages are you guys?

I find them super interesting and I actually think knowing them really strengthens a relationship.
When you know the love language of your significant other, you're able to fulfill their love tank.
Which I think is so so important. 

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Let me hear um' :)