March 15, 2013


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It started with a shoe from Anthropologie.

     tee, jeans, shoes(diy below): thrifted, glasses: c/o firmoo glasses

We all know that Anthropologie is the King (or Queen?) of adorableness. I drool over everything that I see. I have never bought a single item from that dang store though. Hellooooo, I never spend over $10 for clothes (serious). A girl can dream though. And I definitely take inspiration from said Anthro and find a way to replica it. I fell in love with those babies below (if you click on the picture you can go see their perfection). So I decided to make my own! All you need is paint and a brush. Oh and a pair of shoes ;) I got mine for $3, instead of the $148 Anthro is askin for.

1. Go to a thrift store and find some shoes that are ugly but have potential!
2. Take paint and paint over that ugliness and make them pretty.
3. Let dry.
4. Wear um!
You just saved yourself $145. You're welcome.
Easy, right?!

March 14, 2013


Well. Here is an awkward video for you. I've discovered how boring I am. I got tagged to do this by Amanda. I say "probably" and "I mean" and "I don't know" more than a few times. Enjoy.

I "tag" RachelHarley and Jane, and Kylee. Do it if ya want ;)

March 13, 2013

eShakti Dress Review

dress: c/o eShakti, tights: target

On Saturday I opened up this little cutsie dress courtesy of eShakti. Have you heard of eShakti before? They are an awesome company for sure! They specialize in vintage like dresses and they even do custom orders! You can put in all your measurements and get the perfect fitting dress! They even have option where you can lengthen your dress or even replace the sleeves. You better go check them out!

Now for the pros and cons of this dress!

-GREAT quality. I mean this thing is lined! Lined I tell you! That is hard to come by.
-It has pockets. Who doesn't love pockets?
-It fits extremely well.

-I think it's too short. When I was ordering this dress, it only had the knee length option and I prefer below the knee.
-It's such a cute dress...I'm just not really sold on it. eShakti actually sent me a dress last year and I LOVED it (worn here and here). If I could go back I'd probably order something else. But I have seen a couple bloggers wear this dress and it is DARLING on them (especially this pretty lady). Just not me I guess...

Thanks for the eShakti! I honestly appreciate it.

March 11, 2013


him: zooey deschanel
her: joseph gordon-levitt

him: blue
her: pea green

him: anti-social
her: loves people

him: idaho
her: washington

him: wolf
her: moose

him: ifunny
her: pinterest

him: international relations
her: apparel and design

him: go with the flow
her: planner

him: buffalo wild wings
her: old spaghetti factory
Harley & Jane

March 9, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review.

sweater, jeans, shoes: thrifted, blouse: bought it from brandilyn, glasses: c/o Firmoo

Well hello doll face! How ya been?

I got these puppies (glasses) in the mail today and I threw them on my face! I absolutely love them. I was even at the grocery store and a lady said: "I love your glasses!" She was wearing super cool glasses herself. Us glasses girls have to stick together. I said: "Why thank you! I love yours as well." I love nice people. 

I feel a little like Harry Potter, but hey, I'm okay with that. At least I don't have the scar ;) The powers would be cool though...

Firmoo was wicked cool glasses! I think they're reasonably priced and hello they are stickin adorable! The one's I'm wearing above are these but I also own these ones as well. Go take a look!