August 3, 2014

Hi, you.

tee & sweater: Forever 21, jeans: Gap Outlet, scarf & sandals: thrifted
Welllll hello!

Life just keeps on moving, doesn't it? Work pretty much has taken over my life. I had two employees quit recently, so I've been working 55 hours a week. I thought going to school was exhausting but being a workin' women is tough work!

Also, maroon and mustard is probably my favorite color combo eva. 

Bob and I are avid move goers. Every new movie that comes out, we've probably seen it. Last night we saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I LOVED IT. Anything with Chris Pratt + Marvel is an A in my book. It just had it all going on. You need to go see it. Best movie of the summer.

Speaking of Bob, he's a college grad! Sure am proud of that lover boy of mine. He's going to take the GRE this fall and then onto to grad school and then be my sugar daddy. Then I can quit my job and have babies ;)