July 28, 2011

Harley & Jane.

I was featured on Harley and Jane yesterday.
Check it.

I'm talking all about thrifting.
My favorite :]

July 22, 2011


Straight hair, no make up, say whaaaat?
 shirt: got it when I went to the Philippines, shorts & belt: thrifted, shoes: Target

The semester ended today.
This is what my room looks like:
Anyone want to come pack for me?

Can I just take a moment real quick and tell you that I'm sorry I haven't posted that much the last couple of months... I was really trying to focus on school and I worked SO hard. I was in the library constantly, always doing  homework. 

And my grades didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.
I feel like I put so much effort in this semester and it didn't even pay off.
I'm the type of person who works hard for everything. I never half do anything.

But I've come to the conclusion that I am not my grades.
My grades do not reflect if I'm a good person or nice or genuine.
And those are the things that I think matter most in this life.
I just have to keep telling myself "I AM NOT MY GRADES."
I may not be the smartest person in the world, and maybe my grades show that to be true,
but in the scheme of things, my grades don't matter.

Maybe I should just drop out and be a personal shopper.
That is my ultimate dream job...
Who wants to hire me?!

Just joking :]

I am not my grades....

July 19, 2011

Family Photo Shoot.

I thrifted this lace beauty for $6.
I made it into a skirt. But I didn't take outfit pictures that day.
But I did have a family photo shoot with my roomies...
 Aren't they the cutest!?

I can honestly say that I've been blessed with the best roommates.
I love these girls so much.
The semester is coming to an end, one is going on to bigger and better things, and the rest of us will be apart for 6 weeks, but we'll be reunited in the fall.
Love you guys <3

July 16, 2011


Definitely went to the midnight showing.
Definitely dressed up.
Definitely the best movie yet.
Best night eveaaa!
So sad it's over though :[

July 3, 2011

Hello, Seattle.

I had the opportunity to go home for the weekend and I took it!
I love being around family and friends from home, it's the best.
Me and the fam went to Seattle one day.
I thought you guys might enjoy some pics :]
shorts, shirt, shoes: thrifted, sweater: target
Had to fit in an outfit picture ;]
We went to the gum wall, pike place market, and rode the ferry!
Such a great day and it was beautiful!

You guys doing anything for the forth? :]