January 28, 2013

Monday, Monday, so good to me.

sweater, shirt, shoes, scarf: thrifted, pants: I made them.

While most people despise that wretched day called Monday, I personally love it. Probably because I have the day off and I can do whatever the heck I want. If I had school or work maybe I would feel differently about this day of the week. But for now, Monday, Monday, you're so good to me. Now please go listen to the Mama's and the Papa's and have the best Monday of your life.

January 26, 2013


dress, shirt, belt, shoes: thrifted

I've never really been one to have nightmares. Growing up, I only remember a few times waking up and saying, "Crap. That was scary." But since I have been married, I've had a handful of nightmares occur... But they all involve one particular theme. What theme, you ask? It's one that probably wouldn't scare one or make you wake up crying. For me, it has though. This theme is Batman and the Joker... The last one even included Rachael and Bane. Usually I am the observer. Not even a character in my own nightmare. But they freak the crap out of me. Random? Yes.

Isn't it amazing what consumes our minds? I've always found the mind such an interesting space in our bodies. What makes our minds wander to these places and then make things that aren't that scary, scary? 

January 23, 2013

GlassesUSA.com Review

glasses: c/o GlassesUSA.com

If you’ve been a follower of this blog for awhile, you’d know that I love me some glasses. I actually have 20/20 vision so wearing glasses is only for fashion purposes. Call me a hipster all ya want, I can take it. When GlassesUSA.com contacted me about reviewing a pair of glasses, of course I said yes!

I had a hard time just picking one pair! There are so many cute and affordable eyeglasses for any style—male or female. From prescription glasses to just fashion glasses they are your site! They also have this cool Virtual Mirror feature (picture below) where you can upload a photo of yourself and then switch out different frames to find the perfect style for your liking. It makes online shopping that much easier!

Even Sir Robert likes them. One morning after I received the glasses, I planned an outfit to go with said classes. I got dressed and when I put the glasses on Robert said:"Oh... I planned my outfit to wear those today." Cute, right? So I kindly let the handsome boy wear them. I’m a great wife ;) Obviously these glasses can be sported by both of us! Maybe you and your significant other could buy matching glasses and strut around town together.

GlassesUSA.com states:

“Besides our high quality frames and lenses, we offer:
· 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee
· A generous refer-a-friend program (You can get $30 for each first purchase a referred friend makes - and use the $30 towards your next pair of glasses)
· A Facebook page and Twitter feed with exclusive discounts for fans

Seeing properly shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a necessity. We do our best to help our customers and we take their vision needs very seriously by providing our customers with top quality lenses in the most fashionable frames available!”

Find the most current discount codes here Sales & Coupons and when you go to buy glasses take 10% off any order with the code: Blog10.

Check it out friends! And try out the virtual mirror! You can try it out below.

January 22, 2013

1 Dress, 4 Ways

I hope you all enjoyed "1 Dress, 4 Ways." It was something fun for me to do, but was it something that you'd like to see again or should I bag it? Help me to decide blogland.

January 21, 2013

1 Dress, 4 Ways: Stay Classy.

dress, shoes, belt: thrifted, shirt: I made it, tights: target

Welp, this the last way I styled to wear this here dress. This one is my favorite. It's something new that I've been trying. Pairing a collared shirt under a dress. I think it adds just something cute and feminine to it all. And of course, I love to pattern mix. There you have it.

January 20, 2013

1 Dress, 4 Ways: Get Funky.

dress & belt: thrifted, vest: i made it, boots: charlotte russe, hat: forever21, cardigan: target

When you get dressed in the morning, get funky. Throw on a couple layers, put a hat on, and add color. It's the best way to spice up that old lady mu-mu. 

January 18, 2013

1 Dress, 4 Ways: Skirt it.

dress(worn as a skirt), shirt, vest: thrifted, glasses: c/o firmoo.com, boots: target

Ever thought about covering up a dress with a sweater or shirt? It's an easy way to mix things up and it doubles the possibilities! Don't be afraid to try something new as well. I've never zipped up that leather vest before and I thought: "What if..." and then I went for it and I liked it! Let your creativity shine through your clothing. Two more ways to wear this dress coming up!

January 17, 2013

1 Dress, 4 Ways: Get Comfy.

dress, sweater, boots: thrifted, leggings: free, scarf: pac sun

It's easy to think when wearing a dress that you have to actually fancy it up but truth is--comfort trumps that especially when it's winter. And especially when you live in butt cold Idaho. It was -8 degrees this morning... so obviously I have to keep warm. To dress down a dress, throw on that over sized grandpa sweater and huge scarf and call it good. Comfy and cute is what I like to call this ensemble. Check back tomorrow for another way to wear this dress!

1 Dress, 4 Ways

Ever feel like you buy a dress and you get stuck wearing it the same way over and over again? Well here I am to share with you ways to mix it up! I love finding new ways to wear my clothing and I try to never wear the same outfit twice. Stay tuned this week for tips and tricks to mix up your wardrobe. I present: 1 Dress, 4 Ways.

January 16, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review

glasses: c/o firmoo.com, pants: rue 21, shirt and sweater: thrifted, bow tie: I made it, shoes: gift

Have you guys ever heard of firmoo glasses? It's an awesome site with wicked cool glasses. I received these glasses from them and they're great! There are seriously tons of different styles to fit everyone's personal liking. I'd really like to get these frames sometime. I don't wear glasses for seeing purposes, I wear them for fashion reasons and firmoo offers glasses for people who like to fake it. But they also offer real frames for those who actually need them to see :)

Firmoo states: "The old opinion that glasses are only necessities for people with vision problems has already gone. Glasses are increasingly becoming a must have accessory for celebs and fashionistas. Every day we can spot millions of non-prescription glasses we offer and we are constantly fascinated by many noted film stars’ signature non-prescription glasses. They instantly upgrade your look of modern, sexy, vintage, or geek by wearing different styles of frames. Any hot glasses/sunglasses/goggle frames you want can be found on Firmoo, and all are available for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses.

Are you desperate to have a new look? Now here is the chance, Firmoo has launched a First Pair Free Program to people worldwide. You will absolutely fall in love with the excellent quality, affordable prices, fashionable designs, fast delivery and the good service after trying them with paying shipping only! You even can get a refund/exchange if you are not satisfied with them. It’s totally Risk free, so why not have a try?"

Click here to get your free glasses now!

Why work with Firmoo?   
1. We offer Virtual Try-On System that helps you find the right frames. You even are able to upload your own photo to try glasses virtually. All our bloggers have found their perfect glasses suit them well and thought highly of this function 
2. We’ll promote your blog and photos to our homepage and Facebook which have 500,000 +fans for now.
3. More high-end products for your review in the future based on the first pleasant and successful collaboration

Go get cha glasses!! They're awesome.

January 7, 2013

Fashion Show.

dress: made by me, belt: thrifted, shoes: journey's, tights: walmart

For my final in pattern making last semester, I had to make and present a piece to be put in the school fashion show. I'm not one for the lime light. I HATE public attention. Being on a runway and having to strut my stuff was terrifying to me. But it was my grade on the line so I had to and I did. I got on and off of that runway as fast as possible. My family definitely made fun of me for that one. My parents came up to Washington for the show (and my 21st birthday!) and they just laughed at how fast I booked it off that stage. I'm just grateful it's over. This dress was kind of a pain in the butt... It was my first time working with leather and it was definitely a challenge and it was extremely hot... ignore the pit sweat please. My mom actually ended up putting in the zipper for me (thanks mom!). I put that baby in 4 times and it just wasn't working. It definitely had an attitude. But I'm so proud of the end project. It's my OWN pattern. I made it myself! I didn't buy it from Joann's. It was my hard work that made that pattern happen. 

January 4, 2013

Officially a Hill.

jacket, blouse, jeans: thrifted

After 9 months of being married, I officially changed my name on all documents. I am no longer Katherine Beckstead. I am Katherine Hill. I always wanted a shorter last name. I always felt like my name was a million letters long. One time Rob and I were laying in bed talking and I said: "I always wanted to marry someone with a three letter last name. So this is perfect." Rob then stated: "It's four letters..." Sometimes I'm an idiot. But honestly, having the last name Hill is awesome. Everyone knows how to spell it. With Beckstead I always got asked how to spell it and how to pronounce it. Now it's just Hill. Now if I could just get everyone to call me Kitty my name would even be shorter. I've ALWAYS been a Katherine though. Never Kate, Katie, Kat, Kit, Kathy. My parents named me Katherine Claire so that I could be KC but it just never stuck. I'll be a Katherine until a die. This was a stupid post. I'm sorry if you read all of that.