July 17, 2012

My Wedding.

I should be making a quilt right now.... But I'm not. I need a break anyway. So, I've been married for three months and I never really told you all about my wedding. It was simple, beautiful, and stress less. It was absolutely perfect. We didn't throw a huge reception in Idaho (we threw a little bigger one in Washington). It was in a small building and decorations were few. We even had donuts instead of cake. I'm not one for doing anything traditional. I didn't have bridesmaids, I didn't throw my bouquet (I wasn't even going to have one, but my sister forced me), and Rob and I didn't have a first dance. I kind of hate attention, and even though my wedding days is all about me (and Rob of course), I still didn't want all eyes on me. I've just always been this way. And really, I don't regret any of those things. The day Rob and I got married was about the promises we made to each other in the temple--and that's all that matters. On a side note, my wedding was all done by my family. Literally. My mom made my dress and veil, my sister Christie did my hair and make-up, my sister Kellie made my bouquet, and my sister-in-law Chelsee took the pictures. Yay for talented women in my life!

July 16, 2012

3 AM Drives

skirt: I made it!! shirt: walmart, shoes and belt: thrifted

Rob and I couldn't sleep last night. Probably due to the fact we took two hour naps during the day and our apartment was ridiculously hot. Around 3 AM we decided we had enough and we needed something to drink. So off to the gas station we went! Then we decided just to drive around the little town of Rexburg. I asked Rob, "What's your favorite memory of us?" His was: the day we started dating. It really was the perfect day. I remember sitting on my couch in my apartment. Both of us just knew we wanted to be with each other. We were honest and open and held nothing back. Mine was: the first time we kissed. It was simple and sweet. We were laying in the park under the stars and it just happened--just the way I wanted it to. We then continued to name off all of our favorite memories. I love sweet, tender moments, I hold them really dear to me heart. Last night was definitely another moment to add to the books.

July 15, 2012

Temple Date.

shirt, skirt, belt: thrifted, shoes: target

Rob and I woke up on Saturday morning, ate some blueberry waffles (which were delectable) and then went to the temple. What peace and comfort it brings. I feel so blessed to be able to go often. The Rexburg temple is seriously 5 minutes away.

We then went to a fashion show, ate some burritos, took naps, and then stuffed out faces again. I'd say it was a pretty good Saturday :)

July 14, 2012

Pride and joy.

tee: walmart, pants: made by me, shoes: target 
These little babies are my pride and joy! I MADE THEM! I officially made some big girl pants, and I am one proud girl. I got the fabric from a thrift store for $4. I died over the fabric and texture. I'm about to make 59 more pairs. I was waiting for the perfect time to wear them. It was hot all day and then it cooled down and rained. Thanks weather! You gave me the chance to wear my pants. Cheers for sewing! Rob's favorite part about these pants... gives me a nice booty! Cool pic Rob...

July 12, 2012

I'm on a roof.

vest & shoes: thrifted, shirt: walmart, skirt: store in ogden, ut 

Oh, and here I am again with this little vest. I just can't help myself! I love it. Maybe a little too much.   

Welp. This week has been caaaaaarazay. To the max. I did get two papers done today! Boo-yah! But sewing: 1, me: 0. I still have four sewing projects to get done by Tuesday. And then onto the beautiful state of Washington for two-ish weeks! Bonus: ALL of my sibs will be there! And their spouses! It's gonna be a fanfrickintastic time. I AM SO EXCITED! I'm about to pee my pants. 

July 9, 2012

I just really like this vest.

dress: jcrew, vest & bag: thrifted, shoes: target

This vest had become one of my favorites. It's the perfect addiction to any outfit. You will be seeing lots of this little number.

Also, one and a half weeks left of school! I'm SO EXCITED! But I'm not excited about the four sewing projects I have to do, the paper to write, and the two finals that are ahead. Wish me luck... I probably won't be around much this week or next. I'll try to pop in though...

July 8, 2012

Happy three months, dearest.

shirt: walmart, shoes & earrings: thrifted, jeans: from Bob
Rob and I celebrated three whole months of being married yesterday! We're pros already ;) We had a fancy dinner at Wendy's. Rob even got me a frosty! What a man. Then we ended the night with seeing the new Spiderman. I LOVED it. Happy three months my love! I wouldn't want to share this life with anyone else.

July 7, 2012

Blurry, Edgy, Sunsety

vest & shoes: thrifted, dress: ross, bag: the Philippines, white tee: walmart

This picture is waaay blurry. Sorry bouts that. 
I asked Rob is he liked this little vest of mine. He said: "Yeah! It makes you look edgy." I'll take it.

Check out this sunset.

Idaho, you're kinda lame sometimes but you sure do give some pretty sunsets.

July 5, 2012

Sometimes I look like a child...

shirt,belt,shoes: thrifted, pants: hubs bought um for me

I look straight up 12 years old in this picture. Awesome. I get comments on how young I look ALL the time. I was in a bishop's interview a couple weeks ago and he goes: "Is this your first semester?" "Uh, no. This is my fifth..." "Oh...." It happens.

Thanks for all the advice on my last post! I think I've narrowed my weight gain to a couple things. Number one: I don't drink water. I just really don't like the taste. It bores me. But I've been trying to drink more! Number two: Maybe my birth control? I know a tooooon of people who have gained weight because of that.

I can't really control the whole birth control thing so I'll just live with it. I can drink more water. And I already walk everywhere. So, hopefully drinking more water and maybe walking faster will help me shed some pounds... and maybe this summer I can fit in some working out. It's just not happening in the next three weeks. Too much school. Sorry, gym.

July 2, 2012

10 pounds.

dress&belt: thrifted, shirt: walmart, shoes: asos

I've gained 10 pounds since I've been married. It's the most depressing thing in the world not being able to fir into your jeans anymore.. thunder thighs, how i loath you. I wanna work out and be my normal size again, but who has the time? I don't know how all you excercise people do it! I have too much on my plate and I can't find time for the gym. I've never really struggled with weight before but I can definitely tell that I've gain weight. I can see it in the picture above.

You ladies have any ideas?! I need to do something.

July 1, 2012

A new dress.

dress: from Amanda (from a heart overflowing), belt: thrifted, shoes: flea market

Isn't this just the cutest dress in the world? Amanda was doing a little closet cleaning and sent it my way. She's the sweetest! Thanks Amanda! I seriously love this dress.

Rob and I finally decorated our apartment! I'm IN LOVE. It's so cute. I'm not embarrassed to have people over anymore. Anyone wanna come over for dinner? I wanna show you my apartment!