November 27, 2012

One dress; two ways.

outfit #1: dress thrifed, shoes: store in mall
outfit #2: dress thrifted, vest: thrifted, shoes: target

Same dress, different approaches. I try to never wear the same outfit twice... I know that sounds completely ridiculous  but it helps me to always be creative. I'm always looking in my closet to see what new pieces I can pair together. I love being able to mix patterns and textures  and come up with new outfits everyday. I got that leather vest a couple years ago, and I have a really hard time wearing it. I feel like I'm a pretty feminine dresser so wearing that I felt edgey. A good edgey though. It's all about trying new things, friends ;)

November 24, 2012


dress,tie,bag: thrifted, shirt: I made it, tights: forever21, boots: charlotte russe

Things have been.... interesting as of late. Ever feel like everything kind of collapses at once? That's how I've felt lately. When we got our dog Ruth, our landlord said it was fine. So Rob went out and got a dog the next day. Two days after that, our landlord calls back and says it will be $500 deposit. A little outrageous if you ask me... We kind of have no choice but to move out. We decide to move to Shelley where Rob's parents have an apartment above their garage. It's a 40 minute drive to Rexburg everyday, but Rob already drives to Idaho Falls every day to go to work, so it's really not that out of the way. The plan is that I'll work every day from 8-11 and Rob will have school from 9-1 and we'll just commute. Then my boss gave my hours away. Now I have no job. And now, we don't know if we can handle Ruth anymore... It's just too much. She's a good dog but we've decided we are not dog people. So we're kind of moving for no point. But our apartment is already going to someone else. Anyone in Idaho want Ruth? She's a good puppy. I'll even slide you a deal. 

Here's to a new beginning?  

November 21, 2012


sweater, shirt, tie: thrifted, jeans: forever21, boots: charlotte russe

Rob and I aren't very romantic.... The level of romance we have is watching netflix in our bed. Together. So that other night I thought: "I am going to be romantical." I walked to the grocery store, picked up some pizza, bread sticks, ice cream, and two bottles of sparkling cider (they were 2 for $5, gotta get that deal, am I right? Also, we drank BOTH that night. We have problems....). I then laid out a cute quilt, got out our picnic basket, and put on our red lamp (I'll have to show a picture, it's legit). Then, I waited. Rob walked in that door and I'm awkwardly standing there.... Oh hey Rob. He thinks it's cute. We sit, we eat, we talk, blah blah blah. But here's the kicker: Rob then states: "Are you trying to tell me your pregnant?" HAHA. Oh Sir Robert how adorable you are. No kids baking in this oven anytime soon. But one thing that has come from this romance that I wanted is that we are more thoughtful of each other and are more willing to do things for each other. I'm not saying we weren't willing before, just more so now. It's great to see that a little effort to do something special can really spark new habits. Here's to being romanitcal!

November 20, 2012


skirt, shirt, sweater, shoes, scarf (all s's...weird): thrifted, tights: walmart

Rob and I saw Perks of Being a Wallflower last week. It brought back all those feelings and memories of high school. No amount of money would ever make me consider doing high school over again. Gah, all those extreme emotions, stupid girls, and over-rated popularity. I had a hard time those three years. I remember my sophomore year, second semester, my only friend I had lunch with, switched lunches due to her schedule. I had no one to sit with. I remember asking these girls if I could sit with them and just knowing that they didn't like me one bit. But I had no one. I couldn't even bare sitting by myself. I sat with them for a couple days and then decided not feeling wanted was even worse. Every lunch I started working in the student store just so I didn't have to feel like an idiot anymore. I remember crying to my advisory teacher because I felt so alone. I even talked to the school counselor to see if I could switch my schedule so I could have lunch with my friend again--how embarrassing

Things eventually got better (don't they always). I eventually made more friends and I eventually started to enjoy my surroundings. But high school is just the weirdest stage in life. You have all these feelings and emotions that are felt to the extreme. If you're hurt, you are hurt so badly you think you're heart will explode. If you're mad, you think that this anger will never end. If you love someone, you think that it's real no matter how damaging and stupid it really is. You walk the hallways seeing all these different groups that you just want to fit in with. You see the cute boy who doesn't notice you. The catty girls that somehow you want to be friends with. The friends who party together on the weekend, but you don't drink so they don't invite you. 

I am so grateful that I do not have to live those years again. I'm also really grateful for supportive parents who helped me through it. My mom let me skip a lot of days. I think she knew how hard it was for me. I prayed a lot those years. I think it helped me appreciate my relationship with my Heavenly Father. My testimony of the Atonement definitely grew and I was able to cling to my Savior through unbearable moments. In retrospect though, I don't think being a wallflower is necessarily a bad thing. I think it's important to stand on your own sometimes. Although it can be so painful at the moment. There's always light at the end of a tunnel. It will get better. All bad moments make you appreciate the good ones. Change is consent. This little world that we live in will never stop. It's how you learn to live through it. That's really what matters. I wish I could have seen that back then. I'm so happy that I made it through high school in one piece. 

November 15, 2012


love these pictures//final project fabric
we obviously have too many clothes//love you forever and ever and ever
sketching again//my favorite picture from my favorite day with my favorite person

This made me ball.

I love the gospel more than anything. I just wish I could be there to help. It's the gospel in action. It's exactly what Christ would be doing. 

November 8, 2012

When things kind of suck....

dress, shoes, belt: thrifted, tights: walmart

"Don't get discouraged. Things will work out." Gordon B. Hinckley

I needed that.

November 4, 2012

Meet Ruth.

Rob wanted a puppy for his birthday. He somehow convinced me to be okay with it... Now meet little Ruth the basset hound. I've never had a dog before so this is definitely something new to me. She's pretty dang cute though.

November 2, 2012


love a good beanie//long socks

my first time knitting//sketching: my new favorite hobby 

November 1, 2012


shirt: thrifted. dress: c/o eshakti , shoes: gift, tights: target

If I could celebrate Christmas year round, I would. I've been begging Rob to let me decorate the apartment since the beginning of October. He cut me a deal and said I could decorate November 16. Such a compromise, huh? Also, on Halloween we sang to each other Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer, Silent Night, and Jingle bells. For 45 minutes. Obviously we're pathetic...... 15 days until I can decorate!!!