October 29, 2012

Answers Part Two!

ps; this picture is from two summers ago... throwback yo.

What is your dream job?
//To be a designer. I dream of making clothes at night. Or a personal shopper. Or to own a thrift store.

Where do you want to live in 5 years?
//I’d really like to live in the Pacific North West (Portland or Seattle). Or the East Coast such as Washington DC. We’ll just have to see where Robbie’s future job takes us!

Can I come thrift shopping with you someday (you find the best clothes!)? :)
//YES! I seriously would love to take anyone thrifting :)

I am dying to know the art of thrifting! How do you know if something will work? How to alter it?
//My mom always says, “you just have an eye for it.” And I think it’s kind of true. I look for patterns, details, textures, and unique differences. When I go thrifting, I look in every department and in every size. With altering, I’ve always just guessed to be completely honest. I’ll put it on and see what needs to be fixed and fix it.  

How many kids do you plan on having?
//2, 4, or 6. Only even numbers ;)

Would you like to move out of Idaho once you graduate?
//YES. I’m ready.

What kind of shampoo do you use?
//I’ve been cursed with dandruff. Head and shoulders baaaaby.

5 best things about being married?
//Being with my best friend every day, shnuggling, not having to deal with roommates (can I get an amen?), laughing at how silly Rob is, date nights.

Any regrets on not serving a mission?
//I really wanted to. But I always told myself that if the opportunity came to get married—I would. I think that being a wife and mother is so important and it came before going on a mission. That being said, just because I don’t have a badge on my chest doesn’t mean that I can’t preach the gospel. I will always be a disciple of Christ and I can proclaim his gospel anywhere.

Where did your hubby serve his mission?
//Mother Russia (Samara, Russia to be axact) 

October 27, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside.

dress, sweater, boots, & belt: thrifted, tights: target

It's October and it snowed already here in little ol' Idaho. Usually I'd be really mad, because uh, it's fricken cold and my nose feels like it's going to fall off, but right now, it makes me happy. I love how pretty it makes everything look. It makes me extremely excited for Christmas! I could honestly skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and go straight to trees, wreaths  and hot chocolate. I want to burst out into song and sing loud for all to hear! I already want to dec out our apartment into a Winter Wonderland. Please, oh please, just be December!

October 26, 2012

Answers Part One

Here ya go folks. More answers to follow sooooon.

When did you first discover your passion for sewing/refashioning and how did you go about developing that talent? Who taught you how to sew?

//I started thrifting when I was 13. But a lot of that thrifting was to fit in to what everyone else was wearing. During high school I think I really started developing my love for refashioning and finding things that were different and unique. For my 19th birthday my parents bought me a sewing machine and I just started sewing. I taught myself how to sew by trial and error. Trial and error is seriously how it all started. I like to believe that mistakes can turn into the greatest understanding.

What's your favorite dessert?
//Hands down grasshopper pie. Most delicious thing to ever happen to this sweet planet.

What’s you favorite memory with your hubs?
//This is a tough one! Seriously so many. But probably the night we kissed for the first time. We were at a park looking at the stars and it just kind of happened. Everything just got better from there.

What’s your favorite movie?
//Probably the Wizard of Oz. Or Hairspray. Or White Christmas.

What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy Saturday?
//Watch Parks and Rec with Rob. And shnuggle! I love me some shnuggle time.

What are your biggest inspiration/driving force when developing personal style?
//The most important thing to me is to wear what I want and to not care what anyone thinks of that. I think sometimes as humans we are so influenced by others and what THEY think. If I like something, I rock it and don’t care if it’s not “fashionable” or “in.” I am the creator of my style. I believe that style is an expression of who you are. If you like something, you should wear it and feel great! Being you is the greatest gift. 

Do you have plans for expanding your blog? I just started my own and while I love it just for the sake of writing and recording my life - I can't help but thinking of sponsors, giveaways, and more than 30 views a day. Are you content with what you've got or do you have big dreams for this place? (Just FYI, I totally respect either answer to that question.)
//I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve never been a person to count numbers. I’ve had this blog for two years and I have 500 followers. I know a lot of blogs that have 2,000+ after two years. But from the beginning I decided that this blog was for ME. It was a place that I could express myself and show the world my favorite thing—thrifted fashion. I wanted to show that style can be obtained by spending less. I sometimes wish that maybe my blog would be more popular and that I could do giveaways and have sponsors. And maybe that day will come. I’d like it for sure, but it’s okay if it doesn’t. I definitely have big dreams for this little blog of mine, it’s just a matter of time I suppose.

How tall are you and what sizes do you normally wear? That sounds weird, but I usually like to know when I am looking at clothing blogs because it helps me see if we could wear similar things.
//I used to be a size 2 until birth control. Now I’m a 4 or 5. I’ve come to terms with it. And I’m 5 foot 2 inches.

What are your favorite face-washing products? Your skin always looks so clear!
//First of all, thank you! My favorite face-wash is velocity. It’s a mary-kay product. I used to have really bad acne in middle school and used proactiv but it made my skin really irritated. My mom had me try velocity and it was a miracle worker! I really haven’t had any problems since. If you have sensitive skin I highly recommend it!

What item of clothing would you want to own if you could own anything?
//I’m a firm believer in that I can thrift anything. So if there is something I’m dying to have, I keep searching for it in thrift stores until I find it. I’m a cheapo :)

What sort of camera do you have?
//I think all fashion bloggers would laugh at the camera I have. It’s just a cheap Kodak. I got it as a high school graduation gift from my grandparents. It’s falling apart but again, guys, I’m so cheap that I won’t buy another one till I have a million dollars. 

October 21, 2012

The 1920's

her: dress & jacket: thrifted, pearls: various, headband: I made it
him: vest & pants: italior.com, bowtie: I made it, shirt: gap, huge cigar: dollar tree, mustache: target

Our friend Leslie turned 25 and she threw a 1920's cocktail party (minus the alcohol ;). It was seriously so much fun! I love dressing up and the 20's is definitely a time period that I adore. I wish I could wear this headband everyday. Who doesn't love feathers and glitter? And I think Rob looks oh so dapper. Let's all just start dressing like this, k?

ps; don't forget to drop me a question HERE if ya wanna. Answers will be comin out real soon. 

October 20, 2012


dress, vest, & shoes: thrifted, tights: target

Do you guys have any questions that you want answered? I thought I'd do a little Q&A. Ask me ANYTHING ya wanna know. Have your questions in by... Wednesday? Or if no one responds that's a okay.

October 18, 2012

Ranae Bailey Beckstead.

sweater, shirt, shoes: thrifted, skirt: I can't remember the name of the store...

My grandma passed away 11 years ago today. I think I was 8 and what I do remember is loving her. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. 

She made cakes. Probably hundreds in her lifetime. I remember right before she died, my sister wanted her to make her wedding cake but she was too ill to do so. I know that broke my grandmothers heart that she couldn't. In third grade she made me a barbie cake. You know the cake's that have the barbie standing up and her dress made out of cake? Yup. My grandma made that just for me. 

She made beautiful jewelry. One Christmas I remember she made rings and necklaces for all of her granddaughters  They were handmade with such love and talent. One day I wore them to the pool and in the locker room I took them off to go swim and I forgot them there. I wish so badly that I still had that ring. My sisters both wear theirs to this day and I can't help but be a little jealous.

She crocheted blankets. On another Christmas she made blankets for all of her grandchildren. All 20 of them. I can't even imagine how much time that took her. I still have mine to this day. It's laying at the end of my bed at home. It's a part of her that I will always have with me. After she died, my grandpa let me have as many blankets as I wanted that she made. I love the detail that my grandma put into each blanket. Each one is different and unique.

There are two things that I remember about my grandmother the most--her hugs and her hands. She gave the best hugs. She squeezed you just the right amount. Not too hard, but enough to let you know and feel how much she loved you. I had a couple cousins say that when she died, they felt her hug them. I can't wait to feel that hug again. The second are her hands. She worked hard her whole life and you could tell by her hands. But I always remember just thinking  they were beautiful. They were small but strong and I feel that she used her hands to express her talents. Aside from baking, jewelry making, crocheting, she was an amazing bowler and cook. I remember the last time I saw her bowl, she got a turkey! Her hands were her talents and she shared them with every one around her.

Before she died, I remember praying that God would just make her better. My dad then had to tell me that sometimes it just doesn't always work that way but soon she would be released from her pain and be in a better place. I know that she watches over me. I have felt her presence in my life. I know for a fact she was there on my wedding day. 

I could go on and on about my sweet grandma. She couldn't say Washington correct to save her life and we all teased her about it. She went on walks everyday. She had dark tan skin. She was beautiful. 

I was young when she died and I feel as though I didn't get to know her as well I wish. But I know that there if life after this and I will be able to visit with her and learn more about her. I love my sweet memories of her and I will always hold them dear to me.

Ranae Bailey Beckstead; I love and miss you. I'll see you soon. I can't wait to hug you.

October 15, 2012

Hot lips.

dress & belt: thrifted, shoes: IF mall

I don't wear a lot of make-up, but having a dramatic lip with minimal make-up is what I just love. 

In November, I did "no make-up November" and it has changed my make-up routine since. I use to wear a pound of eyeshadow and always had cat-eyeliner. I hated walking out of the house without it. I felt as though I really needed it. I couldn't even fathom not wearing it. Going out in public without it was just barbaric. 

But after not wearing make-up for a month and trying to go back to my make-up routine before was not happening. All I wear now is mascara. I don't even know how to put eyeliner on anymore. I put it on once or twice after November and I had no idea what I was doing--so I just decided to not even try. I go through faces of eye shadow. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. Right now is a don't. 

I love the feeling of having a fresh face. 

That was a lot of rambling.

October 14, 2012


sweater, dress, shoes: thrifted, glasses & tights: forever21

It is officially sweater weather, friends. I love how crisp it feel outside. I love the colors of the leaves that change all too fast. I love wearing scarves. I love holding hands in Rob's jacket pocket. Thanks for showin up fall.

October 12, 2012


skirt, blouse, belt, purse: thrifted, shoes: gift

It's been a busy week my friends! Busy but good. Here is what happened:

1. General Conference blew my mind. I felt so much love and happiness from those men and women who stood at that pulpit and proclaimed their love for Christ and our Heavenly Father. I definitely learned so much and am trying everyday to implement the counsel given. I especially loved this talk. President Uchtdorf always inspires me to be better. Such a precious man.

2. My financial aid FINALLY came in. Only a month late! It was such a hassle but I am so grateful for the funds that I am able to receive to go to school. Also a BIG thanks to my mom and dad for paying my tuition when it was due. I'm happy I get to pay them back this week.

3. I deleted my facebook. It's kind of a long story but basically, I just got jealous every time I logged on. I saw pictures of friends doing fun things and was sad that I wasn't invited/there. It was making me feel less than I was... that my life was boring. So, I deleted that negative impact on my life. I didn't really care about half the people I followed anyway. I was becoming jealous and sad for no reason. To be completely honest, I don't miss it at all.

4. I might have found an internship. I don't want to jinx it because I haven't applied yet, but I toured the facility on Wednesday and I had the most amazing experience. I felt like I could really contribute and make a difference AND do something that I love and have a testimony of. I know that's really vague, but it's not even near to being set and stone. I of course need to apply first. 

There's lately for ya.

October 5, 2012

Come listen to a prophets voice!

I won't be posting this weekend. I'll be busy hearing the words from that cute man above, a prophet of God. Are you looking for peace, comfort, advice, love, courage, happiness? I recommend watching General Conference this weekend. I know it can changes lives. I have felt so much happiness from following the words that are said. I promise you won't regret it. See ya next week! Have a fabulous weekend :)

October 2, 2012

White Hair.

shirt, jeans, shoes, bag: thrifted, headband: I made it

I found a white hair in my bangs the other day. I ran out into the living room and said: "Rob! Look! It's a white hair!" Then Rob said: "Why are you excited about that?" And I of course said :"Because it's cool." I really want white hair. I'm not scared of growing old and actually, I'm really excited to one day to have long, wavy, white hair, with wrinkles on my face, and a history of happiness behind and ahead of me. 

I've been influenced by my grandmothers so much and I hope that I can be just like them. Happy women who love (and loved rip grandma b.) their lives. So bring it on white hair! I can't wait to have my whole head covered with you.