May 30, 2011


I've kind of taken a break from blogging.
I honestly just needed a week to myself.
Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with school, social life, dating, responsibilities, family.
You guys get the idea.
I just needed some time away from blogging to think things over.
But don't worry, I'll be back with outfit posts shortly.

On a really happy note,
I got to see this guy this weekend.
My best friend in the whole world; my dad.
Love this man to pieces.
It was so nice to be around someone who understands me completely, 100%.
I wish I got to see him everyday.
Move to Rexburg dad. We'd have a blast.

Anyway, I'll be back this week with outfit posts.
Or maybe the next.
You'll just have to wait and see ;)

May 21, 2011

I'm awkward.

Shirt: forever 21, Skirt: made by me, Belt&Boots: thrifted

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.
I've been pretty busy with school and such.
Oh, and I've gone on a couple dates this week :)
With a new boy I'm pretty fond of.
We'll see what happens my friends, we'll see.

I'm awkward guys.
These pictures are for your enjoyment.
You're welcome.
Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

May 19, 2011


I'm over here today :)
Cheeeeeck it out friends.

May 16, 2011

My Weekend.

I've had a couple bloggers ask me to talk about my college experiences.
Well here you have it you guys, these are pictures from my weekend. 
Enjoy :)

Friday night: dance parties with the roomies.
Saturday: hike.
I was the 7th wheel guys.
Me and a bunch of couples...
It was still fun though.
My brother and his fiance!! Aren't they cute?
I'm 3rd wheel with them all the time, but I don't mind.
I wuv them lots :)

Sunday I just went to church and I didn't even take a picture of my outfit...

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!
Did you do anything fun?

May 14, 2011

Yup, I'm beyond pale.

dress, sweater, belt: thrifted, shoes: forever 21, gift

I'm ridiculously pale.
My roommates are having a contest for who can get the tannest. I already lost. I DON'T tan. At all. I stay white year round. You could probably catch some rays off of my legs.
My brother's fiance even said: "I  know I'm pale, but then I look at Katherine's legs and I don't feel so bad about mine anymore."
But, I mean, porcelain skin is hott, right? ;)

It's beautiful here in Rexburg.
I went hiking this morning and it was just perfect.
I'll post pictures later.

Hope you lovelies are having a wonderful weekend :)

May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful Momma's out there!!
Skirt: made by me, Sweater: thrifted $6, Shirt: Ross $5, Shoes: Macy's

Just want to give a shout out to my mommy and say I love you and thanks for all that you do!
Thank you for always supporting me and laughing at my jokes.
You're the best.
And a shout out to my sisters, Christie and Kellie.
You guys are great moms and such an example to me.
I love you both so much and I can't wait to see you guys this summer!

Now, thank you to all of you who commented on my last post.
Honestly, your comments made me feel so much better about the situation!
I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing.
Because life is a mess, but that's the beauty of it :)

Make sure you hug your mom today!
I would love to hug mine, but she's a couple states away from me.
Love you lots mom!

May 6, 2011

Getting your hopes up.

This is me, taking a break from all of my crazy college work.
I'm honestly so exhausted.
All I do is go to class, study, study, study, eat, and then try to sleep.
And I really do mean try. I've been going off of less than 6 hours a night.

I know maybe some of you have been wondering what's going on with my crazy adventure with cute boy. I'm trying to figure out if I'm crossing the line with how much information I should share with you guys. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE telling you guys about the funny things or stories going on in my life. But that's just it, it's my life. And my life is always changing. I'm 19, I'm young, and my life is no where being consistent. We all want things to work out perfectly, but life is just crazy and things don't work out the way you want them to.

What I'm really trying to say is, things didn't go exactly the way I wanted them to with the cute boy I met in the library. I'm not saying that it's over or that nothing will come from it, I'm just saying that it's not going exactly the way I hoped it would. I'm an optimistic, I always think that things will work out no matter what. But I got my hopes up too quickly guys. And to be honest, I'm kind of bummed. I get my feelings hurt really easily. My roommates always say that I take things too personal, and it's true, I do.

I'm not saying that I regret telling you guys how I walked straight up to the boy and gave him my number. I'm proud of myself for being so bold and I think it was a good story to tell how women CAN be confident in themselves and make the first move. But that's the problem with stories, they all have an ending.

So my question is, am I sharing too much?
If I continue to tell you guys stories about my life and then things don't work out, do I share them anyway? I know this is getting way too deep and I'm just thinking way too much about it. But honestly, I want your guys' advice. I know this might sound stupid to some of you because I post pictures every day of myself and I'm already pretty much showing the world who I am. I guess I'm just wondering, because my life is so crazy and nothing stays the same for long, do you guys want to know?

I don't even know what I'm saying.

Do you guys get what I mean?

May 4, 2011

Straight up butterflies.

Shirt: Target $3, Skirt: made by me, Tights:?. Boots: thrifted $6, Belt: thrifted $1, Headband: made by me

All I feel right now is butterflies.
I'm straight up giddy.
Things are going good my friends.

Cute boy said he liked my outfit today.
I'm gonna say that's a win/win :)

May 2, 2011

Remember that boy I stalked?

Skirt: thrifted $5, Cardi: h&m $20, Shirt: so old, Boots: thrifted $6, tights: forever21, Belt: thrifted $1

If you don't know about the boy I was stalking in the library, go to this post.
Can I just say that I loved all of your guys' comments about what I should do.
Let's just say that I took the advice.
I talked to the cute boy in the library.

Here's the story:
I see cute boy in the library AGAIN.
I take this as a sign.
So, I decided that I would approach him and say hi.
I walked towards him, he turned, this is the conversation:
me: "Hi, my name is Katherine."
cute boy: "Hi, my name is Jon."
me: "I just wanted to introduce myself because I see you here all the time."
cute boy: "Oh yeah, I know. I wanted to talk to you the other day and tell you I really liked your nail polish." (uhm, can I just say that's so cute that he noticed my nail polish)
me:"Awh thanks. Well, I just wanted to give you my number, if you ever wanna like hang out or anything."
cute boy:"Okay great. It was good to meet you."

And I think some other things were said, but I don't exactly remember.
Anyway, I was SO SO SO nervous. But I manned up and gave the boy my number.
I didn't really think we was going to call me, but at least I was bold and brave.

Then comes Sunday and I look at my phone and there is a voicemail.
I listen to it and it is cute boy.

He then precedes to ask me if I would like to attend the fireside that night with him.
I call him back and accept. 
We meet. We hug. We sit by each other and watch devotional. 
It was wonderful and he's soooo nice.

He then tells me how he wanted to come up to me and he was super happy that I came up and introduced myself.

And guess what? 
We're meeting in the library tonight to study.

Ow, ow :)