August 31, 2010

Disneyland Tourist.

I bought a fedora today...

In this hat, I feel like I could be a tourist at Disneyland.
I don't know why...
All I need is a floral shirt and maybe high waist shorts.
I love Disneyland :)

Pigeon toed?
Penguin toed?

Oh silly me.

I wear socks with my mocks...
Don't hate ;)

Deets :)
Fedora: JCPenny, $3.98
Polo: thrifted, $3
Sweater: gifted
Jeans: Ross, $8
Mocks: Target,  $4
Necklace: Forever 21, $5.80

I don't really have any today.
I took today as a lazy day.
Even got a hat to cover my yesterday hair ;)
I'm just thinking about being a Disneyland Tourist now.

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday!

Romper Me This.

I tried to post this before mid-night on Monday, didn't quite work out for me!
I worked all day today (Monday) and then went to a bon fire!
I had no idea I was going to a bon fire though...
I kind of dressed for the wrong occasion.
Oh well :)

You like that bra by my feet?
I really need to clean my room

I felt like Jackie Kennedy in this sweater!

Outfit Details :)
Romper: Charlotte Russe, $5
Sweater: thrifted, $4
Tights: Target, $2.99
Boots: thrifted, $3.98 (such a steal!!)

My Advice:
Don't go by size!
That romper is a size large and the sweater is an extra large.
I still try and rock it ;)
Size does NOT matter!
 Wear what is comfortable for you. All my clothes are big on me, but i like it that way. I don't like tight fitting clothes. I could fit into a small, but I would rather wear a medium.
That's just me though :)

Rock what your mamma gave you!

August 29, 2010

Get it Grandma!

Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week! Why you might ask?
Because I get to wear Church Clothes!!!

Here is what I wore today:

Close up of my Grandma Sweater:

Since practically all my clothes from thrift stores, I sometimes tend to dress like a Grandma..
With all respect of course ;)


Get the Deets :)
Grandma Sweater: thrifted, $3
White V-Neck Tee: Walmart, pack of five, $9
Skirt: thrifted, $4.99
Tights: Target (little girl section, hehe) $2.99
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $2.50
Braclet: Charlotte Russe, $4

Today at Church, someone told me I looked 2 or 3 years older since I've started College!
Maybe it's the bangs?
I'll take the compliment ;)
My Advice:

Even Grandma Sweaters can be fashionable.
Maybe dig through your Granny's closet and find one for yourself!
I have a couple and you can dress them up or dress them down, either way, they are super cute!

Another picture that just turned out this way...
I think my face looks silly, hehehe!
Love it.

Happy Sunday :)

August 28, 2010

Into the Woods!

Today I went shopping with some friends.
But I decided to take pictures by the side of my house...
Which look like woods!
"Lions, Tigers, Bears! Oh my!"
Did I mention that the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies?
Just a little fun fact for you...
hehe :)
Here is what I wore:

Do you like how my hair decides to change colors?
Different lighting and maybe the flash on my camera I suppose!

Attire Deets :)
Baby Doll Dress: thrifted, $4
Sweater: H&M, $19
Scarf: thfited, $0.50
Jeans: Ross, $8
Cowboy Boots: thrifted, $6
Bag: thrifted, $2

Mix florals and stripes! It's so fun and fresh!

Wear short dresses as shirts! I always dress modest, and these days, it's hard to find a long enough dress, so why not wear it as a shirt?
Perfect solution.

Simple as that ;)

August 27, 2010

Polka Dot Pretty.

I bought this fantastic blouse at a thrift store for $3.99.

It was huge though!
But I LOVE polka dots.
2X.. Nothing I can't fix  ;)

Here is the finished product:

I took the sides in, then the sleeves in & up

And then I found this cute picture in a magazine and fell in love..

(blurry, sowwy! I tried to find it online, but couldn't! it's from Lucky though)

I was on the hunt for a pink/orangey skirt to go with my polka dot shirt.

Here is what i came up with!

For the life of me, I could not find shoes to wear with this outfit...
These will do for now!
(excuse my messy room in the background hehe)

Want the Outfit Deets? :)
I'll give um' to ya!
Blouse: thrifted, $3.99
Skirt: thrifted, $4.99
Belt: thrifted, $1
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Knee-high Socks: Forever 21, $3.50

A little piece of advice:
Get inspiration from magazines and then go find your own version!
And at a thrift store, it'll be real cheap for you ;)

August 26, 2010

Little House on the Prairie meets School Girl

I start college in 10 days people!
In the spirit of first days, I put this outfit together:

Love the cute little tie going on here :)

This shirt is seriously from Sears in like 1960.
So retro ;)

Outfit Details :)
Shirt: thrifted, $4
Sweater Vest: thrifed, $1.99
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap via thrifted, $10
Bag: thrifted, $15 (totally worth it, Dooney & Bourke!!)
Shoes: thrifted, $6

I feel like with this shirt I could pull a handcart and then go to school with my little vest.
Love it!!

These pictures just happened this way!
Sorry they are so bright! But i thought they were fun regardless if you're blinded a wee bit ;)

My Advice:

Mix it up! I seriously don't even think I have a style. One day I'm wearing cowboy boots and a flower dress, the next loafers and a flannel. Have fun with it! This outfit is totally random and I love it. Don't stick to one so called "style"
If you like something, wear it! No matter if it doesn't fit your norm.

'nough said :)

August 25, 2010

Two for the Price of One...

I did another dress-makeover!
I totally forgot to take a before picture, so i took the fabric and tried to show you how long the dress was before:
So, use your imagination, k? :)

Get the idea?

Here is the after!!

Outfit de-de-de-details :)
Dress: thrifted, $3!! Such a steal.
Mini-cardi: birthday gift
Cowboy Boots: thrifted, $6
Clutch: thrifted, $1.99

Wanna see what I did with the extra fabric...?

Made a scarf!! :)

Outfit Details #2:
Scarf: made out of the thrifted $3 dress :)
White Tee: Walmart, pack of 5 tees, $9
Shorts: thrifted, $3
Clutch: thrifted, $1.99
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Owl Necklace: gift

Two for One Special!

My advice:

Find things that have more than one way of wearing it! I was just going to throw this fabric away, but then I though, WAIT! I can make a scarf outta that :)
Buy a long dress, cut it, make it cute, and then use the rest of the fabric to make a scarf or headband maybe?! I'll try that next!!

Happy Thrifting!

August 20, 2010

From drab to fab!

I bought this dress from a thrift store for $5.99..

I loved the railroad print and the overall look! So cute! But the length?
Not so much.

So I cut it off to my knees and here is the result!

I love the back of this dress!

I love my grandma bag!
It's so me.

Outfit Details :)
Dress: thrifted, $5.99
Shirt: Old Navy, too old to even remember price
Cowboy boots:$6
Belt: $1
Owl Necklace: best friend bought it for me :)
Bag: thrifted, $4

My advice:

Funk it up. You seriously can re-create anything! If you like the print, design, fabric, but it's too big, too long, has a stain.. cut it up and create something! Thrift stores are the best place to get something cheap and make something awesome out of it! Take a chance and you might find your diamond in the rough ;)

Have a beautiful day ya'all!
be silly and keep smiling :)

August 19, 2010

Who needs a photographer when you have self timer? ;)

It's a beautiful day in Washington today, sure it's only 60, but I love it! I wanted to take pictures outside and since I don't have a photographer, the self timer on my camera became my new best friend!

I went for the lumber-jack comfy look today :)

I am OBSESSED with cowboy boots.. I have seven pairs.. I should stop buying them but they're so cute!

Outfit Deets :)
Shirt: thrifted, $3.99
Black Jeans: Ross, $9
Cowboy boots: thrifted $6

Okay, so look at these pictures I took with self timer.. NO editing either!
Totally awesome:

Not even kidding, no editing at all! Made my day.

Maybe you're wondering how I took them?
Check out my set up... ;)

I would set the camera on the recycling bin and then run!
hehehehe :)
So fun!

Oh, and here are the earring I wore today:

Earrings: thrifted, $2

Sorry this is the longest post known to man kind!
I was just soooo excited :)

August 17, 2010

Got Bangs?

Soooo, I work at Arby's (glamorous, I know! But, hey, it's pays the bills) and they gave me 25 hrs this week. Meaning, I won't get the chance to look to cute this week.. dang you work uniforms! But I needed a pick me up so I had my wonderful sister cut me some bangs!

Here's some pics:

I get a day off work tomorrow, and I'll be sure to post a cute outfit :)

Thanks sister for the bangs!!

Happy Tuesday!

August 15, 2010

For Sophie...

My awesome cousin told me I should start a blog and show the world what I wear! So here is my take on the fashion world. I'll be posting every-so-often with photos of my lastest attire. Feel free to stop by as much as you want :)

Here is what I wore to church today:

Sorry Sophie, I know you've already seen this outfit!

Ohhh, how I love those shoes!

Outfit Details :)
dress: thrifted $4
blazer: thrifted (little boy section!) $4
belt: thrifted $1
undershirt: wet seal (from 9th grade! crazy) can't remember price :p
shoes: thrifted (from ITALY.. seriously so lucky) $6
pearls: Forever 21 around $4, other set from my g-ma
headband: wetseal $2 

My advice:

Wear what makes you happy! My mom thinks half of the things I pick up from thrift stores are ugly until she sees how I put them together. Buy what you like and wear it the way YOU want to :)
There's my two cents.
Happy Sunday!

ps. excuse my hair please.. it would not work today!