September 30, 2010

Sweater Vest.

I looked like a golfer today.
Too bad I've never been golfing ;)

Got the cooolest backpack :)

Outfit Details:
Shirt: thrifted, $3
Sweater Vest: thrifted, $1.99
Black Jeans: Ross, $9
Shoes: thrifted, $3.99
Backpack: thrifted, $2

I love black, white, and mustard yellow together.
Definitely a favorite :)

The Pleated Poppy

Meet Virginia Weekend Wear

September 29, 2010

Bad Hair Day Fix Up.

My hair hated me today...
I planed an oufit around putting my hair up.
It all started with this scarf that I made into a headband.

Then came the outfit!

Like that purple carpet?! ;)

Outfit Details:
White V-neck: WalMart, pack of four, $9
Pants: Ross, $9
Shoes: thrifted, $4
Purse: thrifted, $2
Scarf(made into a headband): $0.50


Having a bad hair day?
Hide it with a headwrap :)

September 28, 2010

Wrinkled Twice.

I probably should invest in an iron...
I look like I slept in my skirt.
Oh, well!

Deets (:
Shirt: JCPenny, $1.97
Skirt: thrifted, $4
Scarf: mom made it!
Belt: thrifted, $1
Tights: gift from mom.
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99

Oh, by the way, it was like 85 degrees today...

I did not dress accordingly.

September 27, 2010

Hay Stacks.

This skirt is another one of my first thrifted items...
Oh the happiness it brings me!

Close up of my Hay Stack skirt :)
It even has pleats!!

Outfit Details :)
Skirt: thrifted, $4
Shirt: H&M, $5
Sweater: thrifted, $5
Belt: thrifted, $1
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Socks: forever 21, $3.50

I just want to jump into a pile of hay in this outfit.

Happy Monday :)

September 26, 2010

Beyond Wrinkled.

This is what I wore to church today!
Oh, by the way, I don't have an iron...
So please excuse that my skirt is beyond wrinkled. 

Tried a new hair-do today.
 Got the look from Meet Virginia :)

Want the deets?:
Sweater: thrifted, $10
White V-Neck: WalMart, pack of four for $9
Skirt: thrifted, $4
Tights: Target, $4.98
Shoes: Old Navy, $20

If you're out there...
Could you send me an iron?

Thanks :)

September 25, 2010

Tea Party Skirt.

This skirt was one of my very first thrifted items!
I love it so much.
One of my priced possessions :)
It reminds me of a Tea Party.

Love the zipper!

I just felt like having big pictuures today.
hehe :)

Outfit Details!
Shirt: Target, $5
Skirt: thrifted, $4
Belt: thrifted, $1
Shoes: Old Navy, $20

Sorry all my photo shoots are in my messy aparment,
I don't have a photographer to take my pictures...

It's just me and my self timer ;)

September 24, 2010

You Look like Harvest.

I wore this outfit and my best friend said:
"You look like harvest!"
Hey, I love fall :)

I look like a total goof in all these pictures.
No biggie ;)
I love this sweater!
Definitely a favorite.

Outfit Deets:
Sweater: thrifted, $3!!
Jeans: Old Navy. $7
Scarf: Mommy made it for me :)
Shoes: Target, $5

I scored on this sweater.
So Awesome!

Fall is great for layers! And scarfs!
Can you say yum?
Spice up an outfit with a scarf or add another layer to your outfit.

September 23, 2010

21 buckaroos? I can handle that.

Sorry it's been awhile!
College life is crazy!

Here's an outfit for y'all though :)

Different hair colors?
So weird.

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted!
What a steal ;)

Blouse: thrifted, $4
Sweater: thrifted, $6
Jeans: thrifted, $5
Shoes: thrifted, $6

Can I do a grand total for you?

My whole outfit was $21...
That's why I love thrift stores!

Hope you're having a happy week :)

Meet Virginia

September 18, 2010

Farmer Joe.

Lookin' like a farmer today!
With a little bit of twist of course.

Shirt: thrifted, $3
Jeans: Levi's, seriously from 9th grade! can't believe I still fit in um'!
Suspenders: Claire's, $5
Scarf: thrifted, $1
Owl Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $2.50
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99

Advice? :)
Add some suspenders to your life...
They are so fun and give a little twist to your outfit!

And who doesn't wanna be a farmer sometimes?

Plus, they'll keep ya pants up! ;)

September 16, 2010

Railroad Dress.

This is one of my favorite dresses!
Love love love the print!

Close up of scarf:

Outfit Details :)
Dress: thrifted, $5.99
Sweater: Forever 21, $8
Scarf: thrifted, $1
Boots: $3.98
Belt: Forever 21, $2.50
Tights: Target (little girl section) $2.99

Wanna know a fun fact?

That scarf is a sham (:

Happy almost weekend!!

September 14, 2010

Wardrobe Wrap-up.

I've been so busy with college life that I haven't been able to post lately!
But I'm posting two outfits today to make up for it :)

What I wore yesterday:

Outfit Details :)
Dress: thrifted, $4
Sweater: Target, $5
Tights: birthday gift
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Belt: thrifted, $1

What I wore today:

Love the back of that denim vest!

Oufit Details :)
 Dress: thrifted, $3
White Long Sleeve: Target (little girl section), $2.99
Vest: Wet Seal, $10
Socks: Forever 21, $3,50
Shoes: thrifted, $6 

There you go guys!
So, so sorry I neglected you...
It won't happen again, promise ;)

September 9, 2010

First Day of College!

I started my first day at BYU-Idaho today...
And let me tell you, I LOVE it :)

Here is what I wore for my first day of classes:

These babies are my pride and joy!
When I saw these in a thrift store I ran to them.
Not joking.

Deets :)
Sweater: thrifted, $10 (a little pricey, but this is my FAVORITE color)
Flannel: thrifted, $4
Jeans: Ross, $8
Shoes: thrifted, $3.99

My parents stopped taking "first day of school" pictures in like 3rd grade...
So now I'm a college student makin' up for it ;)

OH, and it's definitely fall here in Rexburg!
My favorite :)

September 4, 2010

Goodbye Present.

I leave tomorrow for college...
All my clothes are packed so I'm not posting an outfit today.
I actually wore that skirt again. Triple dip.

I made a headband for my best friend today.
A goodbye present.

Fabric look familiar?
I used the extra fabric from this shirt transformation.

I feel kinda sad today.
My closet is almost empty and all my clothes are in bags.

I'll be sure to show you guys my first day of school outfit!

Hope you're having a happy weekend :)

September 3, 2010

I Double Dip.

I just really like this new skirt my mom bought me...
So I wore it two days in a row.
I'm sure you'll get over it ;)

Guess what my scarf is made out of...
Just guess!

Did you guess yet?

I'll tell ya at the end ;)

Get the Details :)
Skirt: Target, $9.98
Lacey Shirt: brother bought it for me in the Philippines, probably around $3 in American currency
 (he was on a Mormon Mission)
Shirt (underneath): Charlotte Russe, $3
Boots: thrifted, $6
Scarf: thrifted, 50 cents
Bag: thrifted, $2

Wanna know what my scarf is made out of...?


Buy sheets, pillow cases, shams, dinner mats, etc and make a scarf!
50 cents for a scarf?

Nothin' better than that.

I dyed my hair, whatcha think? :)

September 2, 2010

Such a Nice Mom I have.

I leave for school on Sunday!
So crazy.
On a happy note...
My mommy bought me this outfit :)

I LOVE skirts with pockets!

Close up of sweater:

Close up of boots:

Outfit Details :)
Sweater: Target, $13
Tee: Target, $4
Skirt: Target, $9.98
Belt: Forever 21, $2.50
Boots: thrifted, $4

Buy clothes from Target!
They have the best clearance racks EVER!
My mom had a buy $25 worth of Merona and get $5 off.
So my sweater, shirt, and skirt were only like $20!
Such a steal.

Thanks Mom! :)