October 13, 2011


sweater, blouse, belt: thrifted, pants: kohl's, shoes: target, purse: charlotte russe

I've found that this semester has been the most stressful semester evaaaa.
I'm beyond busy.
I wake up early to get to class or work by 8, I don't get home until 6 every night. Then I have homework, my humanitarian service club, a boyfriend, and roommates who I want to spend time with. These last couple of weeks have really gotten to me and I've been so exhausted.
When I get exhausted, I just start crying. 
That's how I deal with my stress and when I'm done, then I move forward. 

The other night I was having a mini-meltdown and the boyfriend happened to be here.
We were just talking about my schedule and if there was anything that I could take out.
There really wasn't anything that I could give up.
But then he said something that changed everything.

He asked me how often I've been reading my scriptures and giving time to ponder and reflect and rely on my faithI hadn't been doing so.I got so caught up in getting everything done that I forgot what matters most to me; my faith and my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

So, I re-prioritized my life.
Putting God first and letting everything else fall into place.

I've seen such a difference.
I'm so grateful for loved ones who help us see what we can't.

[I don't mean to shove my beliefs down anyone's throats. I hope I don't come off that way. My religion is a huge part of who I am and I wanted to share an experience that really affected me. xoxo]


  1. First off, you look smashing. Young professional at its best.

    Second, it's so important for everyone to have something to guide them. Whether it be religion or anything else, I'm so glad that you were inspired to find your center and see the bigger picture.

    Good luck this semester, girl!

  2. I've always loved that blouse. I'm so sorry you are stressed! You look great,though! Your hair is cute (:

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  3. this post was so beautiful and inspiring! i agree with everything that you said.. it is SO important to remember to read in those hard times. Also coming to God first with our requests or struggles instead of moms/roommates/boyfriends etc! Love how simply you put it ! :) and what an awesome boyfriend!

    you look adorable as always! love your blog :)


  4. It's so true. I've had experiences like that. :) It always feels great to re-prioritize. You look fabulous as always!

  5. I also cry when I get stressed. Sometimes it takes a great relief of pent up emotion before you can move on to really processing everything. Cry, read your scriptures and you'll be able to keep going!

  6. You look absolutely fabulous in this outfit! Super cute :)

  7. Is your boyfriend that sweet boy who asked you on a date in your last pos????


  8. First thing I noticed was how cute you look and then that your blouse was thrifted, which is sad for me cause I can't copy your look. Second, thanks so much for your post. I can empathize with stress related crying. And also how much better I feel when I am close with God no matter how busy my life is.

    The Book of Love

  9. You should never apologize for saying what matters to you most on your own blog. I love reading your blog because you are true to you, regardless of what the truths are.
    ... and I love that outfit. I want a blue polka-dot top!

  10. Love the outfit, super fun but sophisticated at once ;)
    You're lucky you have someone who knows you enough to suggest just the right thing! ;)

    About the shoving religious beliefs down peoples' throats thing:
    You shouldn't worry! I am personally not religious and I don't mind it at all, it's always a positive in peoples' blogs and if its really helping you and others out that much, then it makes sense you'd post about it, even if I can't really relate to it! So don't STRESS 'bout it ;) (haha, see what I did there?)

    :) xo

  11. this post was wonderful. so glad you shared it. it really makes all the difference when you take time for scripture study and prayer. all the difference in the world.

  12. Well your boyfriend sounds awesome :)

  13. Love the outfit! Isn't it so nice to have a man that helps you realize what is important and to help guide you and you him? I just love hearing about good people and all this type of stuff! And good luck with school, just keep on trucking, it doesn't last forever!! ;)