May 21, 2012

I get hit on more now that I'm married.

shirt, pants, bag: thrifted, shoes: target

Since I've been married, I've had a handful of weird experiences with the opposite sex. Funny thing, they ALL have complimented me on my clothing. Here are two of the stories:

Exhibit a:
I'm at work. I'm on the third floor of the Smith building changing some room numbers and names on the directory board. The boy walks by, touches my arm, and says: "I REALLY like your pants." ( I was wearing yellow ones) I say: "Hey thanks." He walks away. He walks down the stairs ( I know this because I can hear him on the phone) and I think that this encounter is over. But no. He walks back up the stairs!! Seriously? Here is what happens next.

boy: "I just really wanted to tell you I like your pants. I just wanted to meet you. I'm _____." 
me: "Thanks. I'm Katherine." 
boy: "What are you doing?"
me: "I work for the College of Business and Communication. We change the directory boards every semester."
boy: "Oh cool! Well, I just really wanted to meet you. Have a good day!"
me: "Bye."

I was trying to keep it as short as possible. Jeeeez, I cannot believe he walked back up the stairs to tell me once again he liked my pants. 

Exhibit b:
I get out of class and I'm walking down the stairs. Random boy at the end of the stairs says...

boy: "I really like your dress."
me: "Thanks."
boy: "What color would you call that? Turquoise?"
me: "Uhh, I think it's more of a mint."
boy: "Oh. Well it's a really good color on you."
me: "Well thanks."
boy: "You're welcome. Have a great day!"
me: "You too."

Ha, those two are my favorite. I've also had a 8 year tell me he likes my shoes. And another boy tell me he likes my dress. Maybe I'm just being cocky and thinking that they're hitting on me, but it sure does make for a good laugh.


  1. Haha, those are both pretty cute stories.
    It's awkward when you're talking to a boy and trying to make the conversation as short as possible and trying not to smile too much (even if it's an awkward smile) because it'll look like you're flirting back... or is that just me? haha

  2. That's so funny! I swear I get hit on a lot more now too especially when I'm not wearing my wedding ring (I don't do it on purpose but sometimes I forget to wear it). Absolutely love your outfit girl and glad to see you finally posted once again ;P


  3. Totally happened to me up in Idaho too. It is like the universe makes you more like able by guys after you're already taken. And you don't wanna be THAT girl that is instantly like, "I'm married." haha

  4. I bet they're noticing you because you're exuding "just married" happiness!

  5. Well who wouldn't hit on you?

  6. Ahhaha the first story made me laugh, that's so strange! You'd almost have wished that sorta stuff would happen (in a non creepy way) when you're single. Life is weird sometimes.

    Maybe you've also just got awesome clothes. Which is a likely possibility if you ask me ;)


  7. Haha I love stories like this they are too good. I had a guy talk to me for over 10 minutes asking a million questions about what I liked and didn't like to do it was SO awkward!

  8. oh dear that is awkward!!!!!!!!!! This is first one kills me! As if he actually walked back up the stairs!! Talk about guts!