October 24, 2013

A few words of business.

dress: made by me, sweater: thrifted, tights: walmart, shoes: target, purse: ross

I have a few questions for you lovely readers about this here blog.

1. Big pictures (like above) or small pictures like I've been doing on the last few posts? I feel weird about my face being all up in your face. But are smaller pictures side by side too small? The predicament I'm in ;)

2. While I was on my blogging break I programmed my comments to go to my email, but only a handful will actually end up in my inbox. And most of the comments are just posting automaticallly without me publishing them. Is this because of the whole Google Reader going out? Or does blogger just hate me?

3. This one is kind of awkward.... But.... Um... Is there a way to block people from seeing your blog without making your blog private? I love, love, LOVE all of my followers! Seriously. You guys are just the best. There is just one person who comments occasionally on my blog and this person comments just rub me the wrong way... I end up deleting all of them because they make me feel weird. Please no one be offended by this! I seriously love feedback and feel so loved that people leave comments! It's great. Ah, I feel like a jerk. Please don't think I'm a jerk. I love you. Bye.

4. This yellow background is bad. Sorry bout that.


  1. Always big pictures, I say.
    And I quite like that yellow background

  2. The big pictures are a nice change, but I'll always read your blog no matter what you choose :)
    Unfortunately I can't help with number 2 and 3. Sorry! :)

    Oh and your dress is darling!!!

  3. Big pictures = YES! I love it!
    Ugh. Blogger is a whole new language... I wish I could help :/
    I'm sorry some weirdo is leaving you comments. I think you can block someone's google account, since blogger and google are related... but once they aren't signed in they could probably see your blog again ): BUT maybe they can't leave comments because they have to be signed in?! Go to your settings and take the 'anonymous' comments off so she can't leave comments even if you block her~

  4. I absolutely know what you're talking about with 3! I have the same issue but have just been deleting them as well :/ Let me know if you figure out what to do about that one!

  5. big pictures!! Oh man, I think blogging opens up a whole world of crazies. Every blogger has that weirdo commenter I think haha. One time this guy from France commented that he did a whole post about me on his blog and so I checked it out and... well the whole thing was about my feet. Yep it was an entire blog devoted to feet- full on foot fetish! There were So many cropped photos of my feet from my blog photos I was extremely creeped out. Definitely blocked him right away. So if I were you I would just block that user from commenting or communicating with you. ps love your look!!

  6. Big pictures are better. Easier to see the see the clothes. Although I read the blog on my phone so I'm not sure the size matters. Just ignore the crazies, they are just jealous.

  7. Big pictures are better, but if you can have small pictures and we can enlarge them through a click, that would be fine too (so that gives an option to the readers). And I love the bright yellow wall. About the outfit, I like the burgundy theme- how you've matched your lipstick with you dress and stockings! :)

  8. Bigger pictures for sure.
    To help my comments, I set up a "blog comments" folder and they all get redirected to that. I THINK I'm getting them all, I'm not sure why you wouldn't?! Maybe they'd go to your spam?

    And as for blocking: this might help: http://www.wikihow.com/Block-Your-IP-Address
    I know there are sites out there that will redirect someone's IP address when they try to go to your blog, it'll send em to whatever other page you want them to go to. I've had to use it before but I can't for the life of me think of the name of the site.
    Let me see if I can find the site....

  9. Found it: http://toolator.com/
    It's pretty easy to use, you just have to get their IP address and it'll redirect them to whatever site you wanna redirect them too. I had a creepy stalker and redirected their site to wikipedia's page about online stalkers.
    Hope that helps :)

  10. Big pictures! Please. I know it can feel awkward but big pictures all the way.

    And thanks for asking that question about being able to block a specific person haha because I'd like to do that as well!

  11. i kind of like the smaller pictures! you can see the whole outfit put together without having to scroll- but it seems like everyone else likes big ones! maybe mix it up?

  12. I like bigger pictures better!

    I don't think there is a way to block someone permanently. They can always just start up another account!

  13. And now, because I've just left like three comments I'm secretly worried that I'm the person who rubs you the wrong way. I'm probably just crazy.