September 20, 2014

Sometimes I wonder.

sweater: thrifted, top: I made it, pants: wet seal (so random...) booties: maurices

I wonder if what I'm doing really matters.
Like, do I make a difference?
A few weeks back on a road trip to Billings, MT the topic of "What's your greatest aspiration in life?" came up.
All I want in life is to be remembered as a good person.
A person who did the right thing.
A person who didn't bad mouth the lady next to her.
The person who was honest.

Am I achieving this?
Am I working towards this everyday?
Do people think this about me?

I truly, truly hope so.


  1. you made your top?! wow,this is incredibly crazy!! your top is so perfect seem like bought from some store..are you able to write a post how to sew this top? would love to learn..

    xo josephine c.

  2. Oh my gosh- You HAVE to watch this:


  3. Alright lady, I need some advice. How do you shop at thrift stores? I cannot stand to look at everything in every rack, in fact- stepping into a Plato's or Goodwill or DI is kind of overwhelming after 10 minutes. What's your secret?

  4. Lovely blog!
    I love your jacket, thriftys forever :)

  5. i really really like this sentiment. a good manifesto for life.

    I am thinking about my goals for 2015 and "Be Kinder" is definitely on there.


  6. you seriously look like my friend Haley! like identical!! and you look sooo cute! seriously take me thrifting with you because these are great finds! and i totally agree- I always like to think I am influencing someone else for good but I never know if what I do really is
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. Just be yourself, don't force yourself to be a ''better'' person. Everyone has something good in them and something bad. You can't be 100% good.