October 6, 2010


I've gotten a cold and I look like death.
Since I haven't been lookin too cute in a couple days I thought I would show you guys my Wish List :)

Maybe these wishes will come true for my birthday?!
It's December 6th by the way ;)

First up;
Motorcycle boots.
These babies are from zappos...
I'm hoping to thrift mine :)

Next up;
Oh, how I dream of thee!
I really want a brown and black pair.
I'll be on the hunt for cheap ones.

Gingham Shirt.
This is a mens shirt from Ralph Lauren.
But I saw it on this website (:
Ahh, I can just see this outfit.
This shirt, black jeans, black oxfords!

Last but not least;
Can I make a confession?
I use to HATE colored tights.
But now, I love them.
I really want a mustard yellow pair.
I probably couldn't pull off the bright purple ones though.
My cousin Sophie makes them so cute here!

Did I tell you guys that I made a horrible bet with my dad?

We made a bet that I have to go until December without thrifting and he'll give me a $100.
It's so hard.

I took my roommates thrift store shopping the other day and I almost shed a tear.

Roughly 78 days til I can thrift again! :)

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