November 29, 2010

Back and Ready for Action.

I kind of went through a "I don't care how I look phase"
 but I'm back to myself again :)

It was 20 degrees today.
Soooooo COLD.
But I decided to wear a skirt today.
Yup, I went there.

Outfit Deets:
Blouse: thrifted, $3.49
Sweater: Forever 21, $12
Skirt: Target, $4
Tights: Forever 21, $4.80
Boots: given by Sophie :)
Black Socks: Walmart(pack of three), $4

Just wanted to show off my new favorite blouse!
Favorite color AND look at that collar!
I almost died when I saw it.

I might wear a skirt everyday this week.
It's suppose to be 17 degrees tomorrow,
I'm just a dare devil ;)


  1. I really, really, really, really love that blouse too!! That sweater is really cute too!

  2. I love your gosh dang style. A: That blouse is so awesome. B: This is going to sound really weird but I was looking through your outfit pictures and two of your friends are from my home ward in Colorado.So.WEIRD.I.KNOW! Anyways love your style and now I'm following you:)
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  3. awh thanks you two :)

    sarah: no way?! are you from arvada? or however you spell it.. haha :)