November 4, 2010

Nothin' Comes Between Me and My Levi's ;)

I wore my three favorite things in my closet today:
The shirt I recreated  (see here)
The most comfortable Levi's ever created in the history of mankind.
The cutest tassel shoes.
What a great day :)

You know that Levi's commercial where she says, "What comes between me and my Levi's?" "Nothing."

That's how I felt all day.
I love these jeans.

I couldn't keep a straight face through this picture at all though!
hehe :)

Shirt: thrifted, $3.99
Sweater: Target, $5
Jeans: soooo old! can't even remember the price. got these babies in 9th grade
Shoes: thrifted, $6
Socks: possibly my mom's or dad's.. not sure who I stole them from ;)


Mix stripes and polka dots!
Totally works.

Anyone else super excited for the weekend!?
This girl is :)

Just some pre-weekend fun with the roomies!!



  1. I thought it was calvin kleins in the commercials? You were too young when they first aired. haha

    Hope you had a chance to enter my giveaway. come on get some free stuff.