July 19, 2011

Family Photo Shoot.

I thrifted this lace beauty for $6.
I made it into a skirt. But I didn't take outfit pictures that day.
But I did have a family photo shoot with my roomies...
 Aren't they the cutest!?

I can honestly say that I've been blessed with the best roommates.
I love these girls so much.
The semester is coming to an end, one is going on to bigger and better things, and the rest of us will be apart for 6 weeks, but we'll be reunited in the fall.
Love you guys <3


  1. Ooh I love how the skirt turned out. So dang springy and awesome!

  2. Cute skirt! I love finding potential in things like that thrifting! Isn't it the best!?

  3. Cute skirt!!! I wonder what you did with the top half of the dress! ^_^ You and your roommates are all gorgeous! :D

  4. LOVE the skirt!! and the pictures are super cute :)

  5. Oh my goodness! You guys are so beautiful! Some great pictures!

    My college girlfriends are truly some of my best friends and will be forever! They are definitely a blessing from God!

  6. AW! You girls are all so beautiful! :) Love the family photo shoot. And awesome job on that dress to skirt Katherine! You are so talented!

  7. BIG AWH! these are the most special pictures I've ever seen. you all are so happy and beautiful and have AMAZING style!


  8. Gorgeous skirt refashion! I love it!
    And this makes me miss my roomies!

  9. cute skirt! i love how you could see the end result from a very 80's-tastic beginning. :)