July 22, 2011


Straight hair, no make up, say whaaaat?
 shirt: got it when I went to the Philippines, shorts & belt: thrifted, shoes: Target

The semester ended today.
This is what my room looks like:
Anyone want to come pack for me?

Can I just take a moment real quick and tell you that I'm sorry I haven't posted that much the last couple of months... I was really trying to focus on school and I worked SO hard. I was in the library constantly, always doing  homework. 

And my grades didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.
I feel like I put so much effort in this semester and it didn't even pay off.
I'm the type of person who works hard for everything. I never half do anything.

But I've come to the conclusion that I am not my grades.
My grades do not reflect if I'm a good person or nice or genuine.
And those are the things that I think matter most in this life.
I just have to keep telling myself "I AM NOT MY GRADES."
I may not be the smartest person in the world, and maybe my grades show that to be true,
but in the scheme of things, my grades don't matter.

Maybe I should just drop out and be a personal shopper.
That is my ultimate dream job...
Who wants to hire me?!

Just joking :]

I am not my grades....


  1. You look really cute! Love your hair straight!

    You definitely aren't your grades. I had to remind myself of that a lot during college. Theres so much more to life than grades and college! Trying is all you can do sometimes!

  2. You still look so cute! Becoming someone's personal shopper sounds like a grand plan to me :]
    What are you studying?

  3. I have had those semesters and they hit me hard too.

  4. Your hair is so cute straight!
    And I've had to come to that same conclusion about grades through high school.

  5. amen. college is tough for me. high school was a breeze. straight a's all the way. then you go to college and start wondering how you managed to get such horrible grades. like you said. we are not our grades.

  6. When I get super rich I'll totally hire you!!