September 12, 2011

Bold move.

shirt: thrifted, glasses & pants: f21, shoes: target

I stared fall semester at BYU-Idaho today.
I also started my new job!
I'm an office assistance for the College of Business and Communication.
Let me tell you this story.

I'm working and all of the sudden this boy comes up to me.
Here's how it went.

Boy: "Hey, so there's this Chinese orchestra playing sometime next week. Will you go with me?"
Me: "Okay.. sure!"
Boy: "What's your number?"
Me: (tell him number)
Boy: "I'm Spencer by the way, what's your name?
Me: "Katherine"
Spencer: "K, cool. I'll call you."

Boy asked me out before he even knew my name.
Bold move.

He dresses way cute.
He was wearing a button-up and a cardigan.
AND glasses.
I die over boys in glasses.


  1. Your posts just make me happy.


  2. Such a cute story! You have to let us know how it goes! Adorable and fun pictures by the way!

  3. That's adorable! Hope your date is lovely :)

  4. My friends little sister just started school there! She moved from California to go and is super excited.

    And I swear, you are too adorable for words. You remind of of Ellen Paige, which in my opinion is a ENORMOUS compliment. Geeze. You're just too cute for words.

  5. HA! your so cute!
    And wow that was bold of him!
    I wish button-up cardis were apart of the guys wardrobe at my school. I would seriously be down with that!

  6. Best. Story. Ever. Love it :)

  7. It's hard to be irresistible! ;)

  8. Love it and love good boy dressers!

  9. Woohoo! That is so exciting! :D I hope it is the best date ever!

  10. Dang girl! Keep us posted on your hot date! (:


  11. Ooo, I'm excited to possibly hear more about this glasses wearer.

  12. A very similar thing happened to me in college and I ended up marrying the guy!

  13. oh my yessss! best story ever! and a cardigan plus glasses? perf. so excited to hear about your date!

  14. aww, this is such a cute story! Can't wait to hear how the date goes :)

  15. What a brave man! And I'd say you're pretty brave too for saying yes so fast!! I love glasses too. So cute! :)

  16. Katherine! I am down the freeway from you in Pocatello. Maybe we should get together and compare the thrifting in eastern idaho sometime...or you could just teach me how to do it!