September 2, 2011


shirt, belt, skirt: thrifted, shoes: target

I was sitting in the dentist chair yesterday, reading simple life and I fell upon this quote:

"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style."
-Billy Baldwin

I love this.
I was in the car yesterday and my best friend was telling me how her and a mutual friend of ours were talking about my style.
They said it was unique and how only I could pull off some of the clothes I wear.
I'm not saying I pull off EVERYTHING I wear, but I think the reason for why I pull it off is because I love my sense of style. I love dressing the way I do. I love mixing patterns and wearing tie-blouses and oxfords. It's my own style and I wear it with confidence.

So, whatever your style may be, embrace it and wear it with confidence!
Because like Billy said, "nothing you really like is ever out of style."


Oh, and never spend too much!


  1. Love this!! :) you pull off your outfits wonderfully!!

  2. Amen. I love mixing patterns... anything with stripes really. Its my fav!

  3. I TOTALLY agree with you! Whenever I hear people say they couldn't pull something off, I just want to tell them "You absolutely can!" You just have to love what you wear.

  4. That is so true, I love it! Love your cute style too!! :) Happy Weekend.

  5. LOVE that quote! and i LOVE your style!


  6. I love your style, and that almost everything you wear is ACTUALLY thrifted. Don't get me wrong, I love every vintage store, but the fact that you pull off this amazing style searching in thrift stores, is amazing. I truly admire your style.

    And I completely agree with the quote! I've always said that you can wear anything you want to, all you need is to want to wear it and you can pull it off. :]

  7. Stripes + polka dots = GOLDEN. Loving it.

  8. I totally love that quote. And I can relate to everything you said. Yeah, sometimes I wear something and later think, "What was I thinking?" But at the same time, I'm proud of myself for stepping out of my shell and just going for it! I mean, why not?

  9. Great post, makes me want to get up and make me some outfits (Except it's bed time, so pj's it is? hahaha)
    I love your style too, I'd say I wish I could pull it off but that would be contradictory to this whole post hehe!

  10. What a great quote. And you look adorable as always!

  11. It's so true! Just be yourself! (:
    I love your style,it's freakin awesome! (:

  12. That outfit is sooooooooo cute!!! Suits you so so well!

    I love that quote too, it's so true! Thanks for sharing the inspiration :)

    Virginie ♥

  13. You look fabulous in that midi length skirt!