February 15, 2012

Anti-Valentine's Day.

dress now a skirt & belt: thrifted, cardi: h&m, tights: walmart, shoes: forever21
I'm not really into Valentine's day, I actually kind of hate it. It's either single awareness day or couples professing their love for one another through gifts and over commercialized love. If you like Valentine's Day, more power to you. But for me, I believe that love should be celebrated throughout the year, not just one single day. Love shouldn't be measured by what your special someone did for you on the "day of love." Rob and I did go thrift store shopping last night, but the boy takes me all the time. He spoils me multiple times a week and often times daily.  Lets stop with all the buying presents and buying love, go love someone everyday. Ya dig? ..... :)


  1. Here's the thing about Valentine's day. Yes, there are those commercialized couples who buy flowers and chocolates, and spoiled girlfriends who require $1000 gifts. Yes, there are those Singles Awareness people who want to cry and complain about being lonely. And each of those is annoying.
    But, what's so wrong with having a day to celebrate love? We should certainly show love on a daily basis. But shouldn't we also celebrate Christ on a daily basis? And yet, we have Easter and Christmas. A special day dedicated to the ones you love seems like a nice, harmless, genuinely good day to have to me.

  2. I hate Valentine's day. But only because I'm single this year. But I definitely agree with the whole overcommercialization crud. It's sooo buggin! I saw WAY too many smoochy couples on campus,with girls who were carrying bouquets of flowers in their arms. Rawr! I'm SO happy it's over! hahahahahhahaha. Love the floral print btw. You always have the best thrifty finds.

  3. I agree. The people you love should feel special all the time, not just one day of the year. Valentine's Day is quickly becoming just another day to me (rocking the single boat!) and I'm totally fine with that.
    Just have to compliment your thrifting skills, I'm slowing learning the art (loving it!!).
    Also, I saw you on campus the other day, but I'm a total chicken so I didn't say hi.

  4. I personally like Valentine's day :) But mostly because my family's always been really cute about it. My step mom bought heart shaped pasta for dinner, and brought me and my siblings each a little chocolate bear :) Nothing extravagant but still really sweet!
    What gets me down about Valentine's day though is all these girls obsessing over what their boyfriend's going to do for them for the day, and the subsequent stress that puts on the guys! So unnecessary!

    Love the outfit by the way ;)

  5. Love thrifted things. Will follow. Cute pics on the quilt!