February 23, 2012


dress, sweater: thrifted, tights: walmart, shoes: gift

I wore this dress for one of my engagement sessions. I love the print and the collar. A good collar wins me over. I've been thrifting quite a bit lately. I've gotten some pieces that I'm really excited to wear. Stay tuned.


  1. I'm so curious about taking things in! I always find the best stuff at thrift stores, but my luck would have it that it's 5 sizes to big. Maybe one day you'll share some tips on how to resize things!

    This is super cute!

    xo, Meghan

  2. Very cute! Also, I'm being a bit of a creeper and the furniture in the background of your before picture looks so much like where I used to live in Rexburg. Are you possibly in Pineview? Actually.... I think they changed the name of it since I moved out. But the new name is still something to do with trees...

  3. Oh man you have serious skills when it comes to sewing, I freaking love that dress & I agree, anything with a good collar is a winner in my books! I need to learn how to take things in [properly] because I always leave beautiful things behind because they're 10 times too big, it's a shame. You've inspired me! xo

  4. GURL I have missed you so much! I know you're an engaged woman,but I sure have been missing you and your thrifted goodness! Can't wait to see what else you've purchased :D

  5. The transformation is amazing! The new look is SO adorable! :)

  6. Just stumbled across your adorable blog. Love tje content! That dress is such a great diy project you did. Nothing beats florals and collars <3
    Now following you! :)