April 21, 2012

How we met.

This was suppose to post before "How we started dating" woooops. Well, here it it is.

It was June 23rd. I remember what I was wearing because I blogged about it. My roommates and I were on our way to a BBQ. We walked past one of our friend's apartment and Rob was there. We asked them if they wanted to go with us. They did. I was smitten with him instantly. He was so funny and quite charming. He started calling me "darling." But I didn't feel that special, because he called everyone in my apartment, "dear" or "darling." But anyway, my apartment started hanging out with him, our friend Travis and our friend Chelsea everyday that summer. There is not one day where we didn't hang out. We become "The Wolfpak." Clever, right? 

I liked Rob right away. He liked my roommate. I don't blame him though. She's beautiful, fun to be around, and just so nice. If I was a boy, I'd like her too. Me on the other hand, I'm really quiet when I first meet people. It takes me awhile to warm up to them and feel completely comfortable. I started to feel really comfortable around Rob. 

I remember one night in particular, I was really upset. The kind of upset where I eat my feelings. I'm a woman, okay? During these moments I especially love to eat ice cream. It was a warm summer night and the Wolfpak was over. I wanted to be alone though, so I told them I was walking to the grocery store to get some ice cream. Rob said: "By yourself?" I said: "Yeah?" He said: "No, I'll come with you." I couldn't argue with him, so he came along. We walked. We talked. He helped me pick out ice cream. The whole time him not knowing that I'm getting this ice cream so I can go home and stuff my face.

We get back to my apartment and everyone is leaving to go out and have some fun. I walk to the table. Get my ice cream out of the plastic bag, grab a spoon, and plop myself down to eat. Rob asks me if I'm coming. I say no, I'm just going to eat my ice cream. He finally gets it. He sits next to me. Everyone leaves. It's just Rob and I now. I start eating my feelings. He puts his hand on my upper back. "What's wrong?" he asks. I open up to him. I won't go into huge detail. But basically, I was just feeling really alone. I didn't have a "person." You know, someone you go to and tell everything to. The person who gets you. A person who picks you first. Basically, I was no one's first choice. We talk about it. He listens. He tells me I'm important. He tells me he thinks I'm great. He tells me that he can be my "person." We talk for a little bit. He tells me to put the ice cream in the freezer. We leave and go have some fun.

I fell more in like with him that night. But he still liked my roommate. I didn't really think anything would happen between us. But I still hoped for it.

Stay tuned for more details :)


  1. Aweee! This was so sweet, you guys have the kindest relationship - it even started out with kindness which is so telling and so sweet :)


  2. Cute. I remember the outfit I was wearing when I first met Jordan. I was moving in to my new place for the summer and I remember I thought, "Man, I am dressed like a dork and this guy next door won't like me." Funny.

  3. how cute!! :) i'm SO glad that things worked out with you two! :) i just have to say...the wolfpack?? BAH HAHA!! Hmmm...i wonder where THAT idea came from! His shirts, maybe? just a guess! :)