April 8, 2012

How we started dating.

If you wanna know how we met, go back one post.

Spring semester ended. The seven week break started. I was in Washington. Cute Robert was in Idaho. We spoke every once in awhile. Just casual conversations here and there--nothing serious. Fall semester started. Rob was off track and just working. I was beyond busy.

One night, it was just Rob and me sitting at my kitchen table. Somehow we got on the topic of what we wanted in a companion. He had five aspects that he looked for in a girl. Social, mental, spiritual, physical, and familial. Not to be cocky, but when Rob was explaining each category that he looked at in a girl, it pointed to me. He wanted a girl who was fun, but didn't strive for attention or stood out in a crowd. A girl who was smart. Someone who loved the gospel and lived it. A girl who he was attracted to. And a girl who valued family. As I was sitting there listening, in my head I was saying, "It's me Rob. I'm your girl." Later, when Rob and I started to date, he told me that the whole time we were talking, he kept thinking, "Holy crap. She's what I've been looking for."

One night, Rob texted everyone in my apartment asking if they wanted to watch a movie at his married friend's house, Jennilyn and Isaac's. I was the only one who could go. Honestly, I just wanted to spend time with Rob. We got to Jenni and Isaac's and started talking. I loved them right away. They were so nice and sincere. And both of them are hilarious. They made me feel really comfortable and at home. We started watching the movie. I'm not a huge fan of scary movies. This one kind of freaked me out... Rob insists that I kept moving closer to him. I deny it. I think he moved closer to me. I don't really mind either way though. It was nice to be close to him. 

It was pretty clear that we liked each other after that. My roommate did a little magic and asked Rob the deets. He liked me. I liked him. Happiness. 

A couple days after that, all of the sudden, Rob made the moves on me. We were sitting on the couch and he put his hand on my knee. I didn't really know what to do. Do I grab his hand? Do I slap it away and say, "TOUCH ME NOT!" Do I jump on top of him and kiss him? Just kidding. I didn't know what to do, so I just left it there. I didn't touch it. I didn't even really acknowledge it. Then he put his head on my lap and I played with his hair. I tried to keep it cool. But inside, I was just so excited.

The next day, Rob and I had the good ol' dtr (determine the relationship). All I really remember is that Rob told me that he thought I was the biggest sweetheart he has ever met and that he wants to be with me. We started dating that day. Septemeber 27, 2011. 

It kind of came out of no where. One day we were friends, the next we were dating. It happened fast. We actually talked about taking it slow, but then all of the sudden we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I didn't really mind though. I knew it was right. It felt right. It still feels right and I still don't mind that it went fast. 

I love you, Robert Eugene Hill. Thanks for choosing to love me. I can't wait for our life together to start <3


  1. "Touch me not!" hahaha! Hilarious. :) But this story is so sweet. This is how things should happen. Just so natural.

  2. You're freaking adorable! Sorry about that one time I almost plowed into you running down the stairs at our apartment complex. My friend had just had a baby and yep... I was awkward in real life. :)

    Sorry! Love your blog.

  3. My husband and I went from best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend in one day too! We had our dtr on our first date.
    I love seeing you so happy!

  4. Ahhhhhh so so cute! Sometimes things just fall so perfectly into place , and this is such a perfect example of that!

    The bit about "TOUCH ME NOT" made me laugh soo hard, so funny haha! STILLL so excited for you two!

    ps. Happy Easter!


  5. Gah so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO soon until your wedding!!! :D :D :D And to think this is only the beginning!!!!!!!

  6. That's a cute love story. I loved hearing your side of it :) I am glad you are a part of our family.

  7. Congrats,pretty lady! I saw some pics on FB,they were classy & fabulous! Can't wait to see more :D

  8. Am bursting to see wedding photos! Hope the day was grand. Congratulations and all the best :D :D :D

  9. I am dying! I want to see wedding pictures so badly! :)) Hope it went splendidly. I've read this post several times and it makes me happy every time. The skirt in the picture is excellent as well.

  10. i love this. so happy for you.