June 20, 2012

20 Questions.

skirt & shoes: thrifted, shirt: walmart, belt: from another dress

Rob and I went to Utah this past weekend! It was so much fun. I got to see my parents and let me tell you, I was beyond excited. Living in different states is really hard. I just miss them lots. We hung out, went to IKEA (Where Rob and I got cute things for our apartment! Tell me why a simple gray rug makes all the difference?), and even went to my favorite restaurant-- The Old Spaghetti Factory. Goodness, I can't wait to see my fam again! 

Whenever Rob and I go on long car trips, we always play the game 20 questions. Which is dumb that we call it that, because it's more like 100 million trillion questions. They way we play is we choose a word, thing, place, person, etc, and then the other person asks question to try and guess. I usually get kind of frustrated because Rob chooses really hard ones.... But, this game, we both chose bazaar ones. Including: a unicorn, the cold side of the pillow, and window displays.

It took Rob forever to get unicorn. It was hilarious. He kept asking questions like: "Is it tangible?" and I would say, "It could be." Or, "Have I seen it?" and I would say: "Maybe." Bahahaha, it was so funny.


  1. loooove that skirt. and I know how you feel about missing your family. I miss mine so much.

  2. Oh man, 20 questions is fun. Glad you had a fun road trip :)