June 19, 2012


shirt & cardigan: ross, pants: rue 21, shoes: zumies

I've been calling Rob, Bob lately. When we're older, I really want people to call us: Bob and Kathy. It has a ring to it. I've NEVER been a Kathy, but I think as an old woman, I could accept it. I also want to be called Kitty. Especially grandma Kitty. Bob's not feelin' it. We'll see how he feels in.... 50 years. ha.

Bob's quite the snappy dresser. I kinda, sort of, really like him.... 


  1. The name Kitty always reminds me of That 70s Show. Haha, she's like my favorite character. You look like a Kitty.

  2. You make me laugh! I love the idea of Bob and Kathy, it is a very cute old couple combination. Just give Rob time it will grow on him too! :)

  3. I have elderly neighbors by the names of Bob and Kathy and they are the cutest couple ever :)

  4. please go by grandma kitty when you are and old lady! that is great!!