March 13, 2013

eShakti Dress Review

dress: c/o eShakti, tights: target

On Saturday I opened up this little cutsie dress courtesy of eShakti. Have you heard of eShakti before? They are an awesome company for sure! They specialize in vintage like dresses and they even do custom orders! You can put in all your measurements and get the perfect fitting dress! They even have option where you can lengthen your dress or even replace the sleeves. You better go check them out!

Now for the pros and cons of this dress!

-GREAT quality. I mean this thing is lined! Lined I tell you! That is hard to come by.
-It has pockets. Who doesn't love pockets?
-It fits extremely well.

-I think it's too short. When I was ordering this dress, it only had the knee length option and I prefer below the knee.
-It's such a cute dress...I'm just not really sold on it. eShakti actually sent me a dress last year and I LOVED it (worn here and here). If I could go back I'd probably order something else. But I have seen a couple bloggers wear this dress and it is DARLING on them (especially this pretty lady). Just not me I guess...

Thanks for the eShakti! I honestly appreciate it.


  1. I bet the trick with this is just different styling. Maybe one of your super cool sweaters and a belt and colored tights or something? It looks like an iffy "love it or leave it" kind of piece though.


  2. Super cute! White is a great color on you!
    I love eShakti's dresses! Although it would be nice if they were a little more in my price range (I.E. Right now the dresses are free-product reviews otherwise I could'nt afford even a sleeve of the dress!)
    Sorry I haven't kept up with the Fitness Witness thing-totally forget!
    How's your exercising going?
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Oh hush up, this dress looks super good on you! But maybe it looks different in person? I'd like to see how you style it... maybe with lots of bright colors? Or even a jean jacket/vest. I love white dresses for this reason.

  4. I love eShakti I just got my first dress from them a few days ago! I do under the length concern though, I like my dresses below knee as well, but I think it's still a cute dress!

  5. I have heard of eShakti before with some complaints. I was wondering if you had any of the same. Did you have any customer service problems? How long did you have to wait to get your dress shipped to you? Since they offered the dress to you I don’t know if you would have had to do this, but do you know if you have to pay with a credit card or can you use a paypal account?

  6. I think you'd look cute in a paper bag, lady! But I do love the pattern! Way cute! Hope you figure out what to wear it with that will work for you.

  7. are you kidding?! i love it!!
    and I totally love eshakti- who wouldn't love customization for dresses?!

  8. I love eShakti! But I understand how frustrating it is to find something and they don't have the specific customization you want for that piece. I usually just choose something else, because they have so much stuff that is beautiful!

    I really like this dress on you. The buttons on the front are adorable, and I love the length of the sleeves! (Perhaps that's a weird thing to like, but that's the modesty-lover in me.)

  9. ok, cuteness! and gosh, I love when they actually line clothing! I guess clothing companies these days think we don't mind if our underwear shows through? So annoying! xoxo