March 9, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review.

sweater, jeans, shoes: thrifted, blouse: bought it from brandilyn, glasses: c/o Firmoo

Well hello doll face! How ya been?

I got these puppies (glasses) in the mail today and I threw them on my face! I absolutely love them. I was even at the grocery store and a lady said: "I love your glasses!" She was wearing super cool glasses herself. Us glasses girls have to stick together. I said: "Why thank you! I love yours as well." I love nice people. 

I feel a little like Harry Potter, but hey, I'm okay with that. At least I don't have the scar ;) The powers would be cool though...

Firmoo was wicked cool glasses! I think they're reasonably priced and hello they are stickin adorable! The one's I'm wearing above are these but I also own these ones as well. Go take a look!


  1. Hey, cute! I just got a new glasses prescription and ordered my free first pair from Coastal and now I want to get a free pair from Firmoo! Maybe we'll end up being glasses twins. There are so many I don't know what ones to choose.

  2. The glasses are pretty darn adorable! I think they suit you wonderful. I've heard great things about Firmoo glasses.


  3. oh my goodness - these glasses are adorable! they look GREAT on you!!!!!

  4. These are cute! I approve heartily of anything that can be traced towards Harry Potter.


  5. So cute, you rock them. I love wearing my glasses on days that contacts just seems to be a burden.

  6. ahh, those are so cute on you! great blog, friend. :)
    ( the alcove )

  7. girls with glasses rule the world!

    ha ha

    I love when other glasses-ladies comment and you feel in a little club.

    yours are super cool!