September 23, 2010

21 buckaroos? I can handle that.

Sorry it's been awhile!
College life is crazy!

Here's an outfit for y'all though :)

Different hair colors?
So weird.

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted!
What a steal ;)

Blouse: thrifted, $4
Sweater: thrifted, $6
Jeans: thrifted, $5
Shoes: thrifted, $6

Can I do a grand total for you?

My whole outfit was $21...
That's why I love thrift stores!

Hope you're having a happy week :)

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  1. I love this outfit so much!! I really LOVE that blouse... I seriously can't believe someone gave it to the thrift store! You are so cute.

  2. loving the totally thrifted ensemble. Looking good college gal!


  3. i was just talking to soph about how i really want to go blouse thrifting... i have just been in the mood for a great blouse... or five....

    super cute!