September 9, 2010

First Day of College!

I started my first day at BYU-Idaho today...
And let me tell you, I LOVE it :)

Here is what I wore for my first day of classes:

These babies are my pride and joy!
When I saw these in a thrift store I ran to them.
Not joking.

Deets :)
Sweater: thrifted, $10 (a little pricey, but this is my FAVORITE color)
Flannel: thrifted, $4
Jeans: Ross, $8
Shoes: thrifted, $3.99

My parents stopped taking "first day of school" pictures in like 3rd grade...
So now I'm a college student makin' up for it ;)

OH, and it's definitely fall here in Rexburg!
My favorite :)


  1. Okay, you are so cute! and you look so scholarly!
    I DIE over those shoes and I RAN to some too but they were in a 4 year old size. I pulled them out of eden's shoe bin today just to give them some love.

  2. ohh, i love shoes :)
    these babies are a size 4! so lucky my feet are so small.

  3. love the shoes! totally love the sweater, one of my favorite colors as well!


  4. One of my most favorite things about college was looking at all the cute outfits different people wore. I would have loved to have you in one of my classes so I could admire your style! Seeing this makes me miss college! You look so cute!

  5. Oh how lucky to find such a GREAT find (shoes)! Congrats on your first day of school! Keep up the good work. Have a lovely day.


  6. YAY for the first day of school! You found those shoes shopping with me :) Glad you're liking everything over there!

  7. I love your shoes! And the color of your sweater is one of my favorites, too. This is a great first day look!