August 27, 2010

Polka Dot Pretty.

I bought this fantastic blouse at a thrift store for $3.99.

It was huge though!
But I LOVE polka dots.
2X.. Nothing I can't fix  ;)

Here is the finished product:

I took the sides in, then the sleeves in & up

And then I found this cute picture in a magazine and fell in love..

(blurry, sowwy! I tried to find it online, but couldn't! it's from Lucky though)

I was on the hunt for a pink/orangey skirt to go with my polka dot shirt.

Here is what i came up with!

For the life of me, I could not find shoes to wear with this outfit...
These will do for now!
(excuse my messy room in the background hehe)

Want the Outfit Deets? :)
I'll give um' to ya!
Blouse: thrifted, $3.99
Skirt: thrifted, $4.99
Belt: thrifted, $1
Shoes: thrifted, $5.99
Knee-high Socks: Forever 21, $3.50

A little piece of advice:
Get inspiration from magazines and then go find your own version!
And at a thrift store, it'll be real cheap for you ;)


  1. You are so dang cute! Love your style!! Newest follower :)

  2. Amazing refashion! Amazing!
    I wish I had that talent!