December 7, 2010

Birthday Girl.

I had the best birthday ever yesterday. Seriously.
Wanna know why? I'll tell ya.

I didn't plan on doing anything for my birthday. I had talked about throwing a pirate party, but I just never got around to planning one. I really thought my night would consist of maybe going to dinner with roomies and then just studying. But, my roommates and friends surprised me big time. I'm walking back from class, I open the door, and BAM I am attacked with silly string. You can watch the video below if you want.

No one has ever thrown me a surprise party and it was so much fun! All my friend were dressed up as pirates and then I changed and they had decorated the apartment and they bought me all sorts of pirate accessories. Best birthday ever.

I seriously have the best friends ever. I will never forgot this birthday. I feel so blessed. Who knew turning 19 could be so fun?

Do any of you have a birthday you won't ever forget?

I'm just so happy :)


  1. cutest pirate outfit ever! ...who is that super cute pirate boy "accessory" you are wearing... he totally goes with your outfit.....


  2. All sorts of AWESOME!!!
    love you