December 23, 2010

Copy Cat.

You guys know my cousin Sophie, right?
If you don't, you should. This is her blog.
Anyway, she got this shirt that I fell in love with. See here.
I was at Forever21 the other day and totally saw that same shirt, but in a different color. It was the only one left and it was my size.. I just HAD to buy it.
So, I'm a copy cat. But at least I'm copying someone who is super cute.

 Zipper jeans!! Sophie gave um' to me! What a sweetheart.
Outfit Details:
Shirt: Forever21, $13.50
Jeans: Sophie's closet
Shoes: Forever21, bought with gift card


(hard to see, sorry)
Bow: made by me
Earrings: thrifted, $2

Are you guys copy cats, too?
Or is it just me..?


  1. Ah you guys are cousins?! That's the best!! I love that blog! Yup, definitely copying someone super cute. And stripes are my favorite lately!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  2. Yup, I totally bought that same shirt (in the same color as Sophie) after I saw Sophie wear it on her blog. Love it! Glad you were lucky enough to find it in your size! So comfy and so cute! Also, I love the bow tie you made... I might just try that this week! :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  3. Ok I LOVE that top. The whole outfit is adorable & those shoes, ahhh!

    So pretty :-)

  4. I D>>>>>I>>>>>>>>E over your cuteness or should I say hotness! You are gorgeous.
    I totally blogged about you today too and then when I clicked to link you to my blog I noticed this post!
    LOVE those jeans on you!