August 31, 2011

Dream Job.

shirt, scarf, shoes: thrifted, pants: forever 21 ($2!!)

I was a personal shopper today.
I helped a girl who goes to my church pick out clothes for school.
It was so much fun.
She got almost everything I picked out.

Dream job.
Personal Shopper.
Hire me?

My life would be complete.


  1. love love love the scarf! I've been looking for the perfect scarf at the thrift store lately but no such luck. Let's be personal shoppers together!

  2. That would be awesome!! I love shopping for other people... I like shopping for myself more.... hahaha! LOVE that tie! Is it just a regular tie, tied into a bow?

  3. If you're ever in Provo or Boise... Let me know,seriously...

    I'd hire you (:


  4. dude. come back to rexburg and shop for me!!

  5. You look so cute, I love that scarf! And I'd love to go shopping with you especially thrift shopping, you always find the cutest stuff!!

  6. CUTE!!! i think your style is awesome