November 17, 2011

So, maybe I kissed a moose.

shirt & sweater: thrifted, pants: ross, shoes: forever21

Random fun fact for you;
moose are my favorite animal.

Also, BYU-Idaho has this weird animal room.

And, this whole no make-up thing is hard. I'm struggling with it. I know that we all have inner beauty, but I look in the mirror and see "Plain Jane." I've noticed myself hiding behind my glasses lately.I've realized that I critique myself a lot. Yesterday I was expressing to my roommates how I look albino without makeup and that I have man brows. 

Hello? Where is my self confidence.

Therefore; I've decided this challenge is for my well being. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I will believe that statement by the end of this month. I was created this way. I was hand crafted. It's time I start seeing the beauty that I know I was made with. 


  1. Oh girl, I'm definitely with you on that albino comment, we don't see a lot of sun in Seattle either. Cheers to you for doing the no make-up this month! It sounds challenging for sure. But nonetheless, you look magnificent!

  2. You are SO beautiful with or without makeup!

  3. Wow! You are awesome! The no-make-up thing is really hard and I feel the same exact way you do, I am so happy I can relate with someone. Let me tell you something though, I thought you were wearing makeup, you are beautiful, and this is the truth no frilly vain comment!


  4. I didn't notice you weren't wearing makeup. I only noticed the sweater. Wonderful sweater.

  5. You look lovely with or without makeup. Makeup isn't supposed to change your face - it's supposed to enhance it. (Also...that room sounds way odd...) As always, you look majorly adorable!

  6. Your blog's new look is awesome. I love animal exhibits, and I wear glasses a lot more when I don't wear makeup. It feels safe, like a barrier is missing so I add a different one.

  7. Hi, My name is Rachel and I am 18 years old first off i would like to say that I LOVE your blog and i think you are so awesome! I think We have a lot in common, mostly cause about 90% of my closet is all thrifted stuff too :) anyways I just wanted to send a word of encouragement with your no makeup month... I dont wear make-up for religious reasons and it was very tough through school esp when all my friends wore it... I always thought that I looked so incomplete without it, like i was missing something that all the other girl had. But my senior year i realized that it is just make-up and it doesn't define a person, its their insides that matter. Once i finally realized that I could see that other girl respected me for the decisions I made and that nobody cared that I wasn't wearing make up... Anyways sorry to ramble and stuff but I guess i just wanted to say that I think that you are so gorgeous and you can do anything!

  8. I used to work in the weird animal room!