November 4, 2011

Love Language.

sweater: mall store, scarf: thrifted, white v-neck: walmart, jeans: ross, shoes: target

In one of my classes my teacher is having us read a book about Love Languages.

My love language is tied with kind acts of service and quality time.
Boyfriend's is quality time and words of admiration.

I'm curious,
what love languages are you guys?

I find them super interesting and I actually think knowing them really strengthens a relationship.
When you know the love language of your significant other, you're able to fulfill their love tank.
Which I think is so so important. 

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Let me hear um' :)


  1. i love that book and i gave a presentation on it in one of my classes. mine is time, all the way. husband's is gifts/touch.

  2. My husband and I went through this book once we got engaged- I'd say this has been such a beneficial thing to our marriage; it helped us understand each other better and be more intentional with how we show love.

    I'm like your boyfriend, my love language is quality time with some need for words of admiration while my husband is more like you- He's strongly about acts of service. We were actually just talking about this the other night because my "love tank" was feeling kind of low and I asked him, D. how do you show you love me? He started stating all the acts of service type ways he shows me love. It was really helpful to point out that I appreciated what he does for our home and for me, but what I needed most from him was for him to be there- to make time for me- to make me feel important.

    Isn't it funny how we give love in the ways we expect to receive love? :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. My big love language is words of admiration. I feel like I constantly need to be told I'm loved, haha. Well, maybe not constantly, but it never gets old.

  4. your boots rock. and i'm all about the acts of service as well. i always show people i love them rather than tell them - which is something i should probably work on.

  5. Quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, & physical touch - in that order, 1 point away from each other!

  6. I'm definitely touch, for me. Which is weird, because I'm not particularly physical, otherwise, but I'm always touching people I care about. (That...sounds so creepy, goodness... >>; )

  7. I am most definitely quality time!!! and husband is physical tough and words of affirmation. Def important thing to know!!

  8. I love your pop of color with the scarf! I just found your blog through the Awkward Girls, & I just love it. :)

  9. K. Found you via Awkward Girls. Loving your blog! Consider me your newest follower.

  10. Love that scarf! I'm pretty sure that I'm acts of service and my hubs is quality time. It's so funny to talk about how the two of us see and interpret things differently :)