March 20, 2012

Guest Post: From a Heart Overflowing.

I love to host new bloggers here on good ol' thrifted things. Amanda e-mailed me asking if she could do a guest post, and let me tell you, she's just the cutest thing evaa. Check out those dresses she thrifted! Daaaang, girl. I"m jealous.


Well hello there! My name is Amanda and I run From a Heart Overflowing! I’m a college sophomore originally from Puerto Rico but now living in Northern Arizona. I spend my days baking, drinking coffee, exercising, thrifting, crafting, playing with babies, and laughing like a crazy lady with my family or my mister of three years, Jacob. I’m a huge fan of lace, seeing the beauty in everything, floral patterns, watches, anything and everything chocolate, blazers, dancing in the car, and smiles.

I stumbled across Katherine’s wonderful blog a few months ago and quickly became obsessed. I had never been a huge clothes thrifter but once I started, I couldn’t stop. Being a full time college student and all, the budget for clothes is often quite small so thrifting not only allows me to not spend a load of money, but to also get pieces that others will not have.
Katherine asked me to share some of my favorite thrifted items so here we go!
I just recently purchased this dress at Goodwill for a whole $6 and just love that it’s long enough for my 5’8” frame (which is often difficult to find). It’s a perfect spring dress and I’ve already decided it will absolutely be my Easter dress!
This dress I also bought for $6! I quickly fell in love with the hearts pattern and was so glad when it fit like a size small normally would. Unfortunately, I found it a week after Valentine’s day but I think every day should be full of love so I’m loving wearing this. This cropped blazer is also another thrift find I am in love with that I got for 50 cents. It goes with just about anything!
Let’s be honest, we all have a “back up outfit” we where when nothing else feels right or we’re just in a hurry. This is my go to outfit. I found this blazer for $3 and I wear it several times a week. I also got this purse for $2 recently and I now use it all the time.
Well, thank you for reading! And thank you Katherine for having me!
Feel free to come by and say hello!

If you ever get sick of that Easter dress Amanda, please send it my way.
I'm willing and would love for new bloggers to guest post. Just send me an e-mail and we can talk it out :)


  1. Sooo in love with that blazer! What a great find! looove it.

    found the route

  2. She's got the cutest smile!! Love her thrift finds, especially that heart pattern dress, very sweet!


  3. Really loved reading this! Amanda is adorable and so is her blog. So glad I found another new blog to follow!


  4. Amanda, You are awesome! Your go-to outfit is freaking CUTE! THE BLAZER! The blazer makes the outfit. I LOVE blazers. Its an easy way to turn blah into yah! You've got a new follower out of me Amanda! Thanks Katherine for sharing this little gem.

  5. Amanda is my favorite! She is so sweet <3

  6. How cute is she? I love everything she found...what great prints in those dresses. I agree...send any clothes you don't want my way! tee...heee! Great style! =)

    Kristina J.