March 8, 2012

Looking through windows.

This video cracked me up. First of all, I want all of her great dresses. And second, what a great message. Also, thanks for all of your sweet comments yesterday. I really appreciate all of you. So much! You have no idea. xoxo
Happy Thursday, friends :)


  1. You are going to get people that criticize your marriage no matter what age you are. I am getting married this summer at 25 and my future in laws treat us as though we "missed the train" or something and should have gotten married much earlier like everyone in their family did. It really seems like they don't even care since we are so "old" and we've been together so long that it's just expected. So enjoy yourselves and don't worry what other people think. There will always be someone trying to bring you down no matter the circumstance. If I could go back (and had been dating my future husband then) I would have gotten married at 20 in a heartbeat. I lived the early 20's college life and it's not that fun alone and know I would have had much more fun with my fiance. Congrats!

  2. About your post yesterday - it's really quite inspiring I find when young folk do move forward with love and marriage DESPITE the way people look down on it. You must be so so so elated and excited for your wedding - I know I sure am excited for you!!


  3. What a great message. Thanks for sharing it, I needed to watch that right this very second. So thank you :)

  4. Oh my gosh I enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing Miss Katherine!