March 29, 2012

Pick me up.

Shirt & Sweater: thrifted, Pants & Shoes: Target, Headthingy: I made it.

A couple days ago, I was stressed. Wedding countdown t-minus 9 days, 3 hours, 33 minutes. Plus, it's finals week. I have a lot to do in the next week. I was about to cry just thinking about all I had to do. So I text Rob. My best friend. My love. My support. 

Me: I'm really stressed.
Rob: Yeah? Come pick me up.

Rob's a smart boy. Never misses class. Listens. Participates. And he ditches class to make lunch and shnuggle on the couch with me. I've never made a better decision then marrying this boy. 9 days my love, 9 more days and you are mine forever.


  1. this is the cutest. being married is seriously the best.

  2. Just wait,

    you can snuggle naked on the couch in 9 days when you are have a down day.

    High five for newly weds.

  3. Awwww he is so sweet! Nice choice. ;)

    And I must agree with the other commenters--marriage is the best. A million times better than dating, that's for sure.

  4. 9 days is coming up quickly! I hope you share pictures, I would love to see them. :)

  5. I loveeee your outfit!!!! And the red backdrop. You are so sweet and beautiful. I hope all your wedding shtuffs is going smoothly!!

  6. Oh so exciting! I got married last semester in November. Mid-semester of my first year as a graduate student. Things were crazy for sure. And I cried a lot (thanks for putting up with that, Jordan). But it's all going to fly by so fast! So happy for you!

    P.S. I LOVE that shirt.


  7. First of all...cute outfit!
    Secondly, you are getting married in 9 days AND it's finals week! Wow! High five for staying alive!

    It's so wonderful when our best friend, our love knows just how to comfort us and help us take on the world.
    Lucky lady! Good luck with wedding and finals week!


  8. So sweet! You're also getting married on my birthday! :)
    Try to relax a little because I'm sure it will all come together perfectly!

  9. Love that shirt, amazing! Those 9 days are going to fly by.

  10. naww he sounds like a keeper! I can't wait to see photos of your big day!

  11. Love your outfit! Can't believe your weddings coming up so soon! So excited for you! =)

  12. Aghh$@^(SRtyughd <-- that was me. spazzing. at the cuteness that IS you+rob.
    The outfit's pretty stinkin' cute too.

    I'm so excited for you guys :)


  13. First of all - this outfit might be my very favorite of yours!

    Second (of all?) - I just came over to catch up on your blog. I loved your "on being young and in love" post. I was 18 when I got married. 18!!! (sometimes I forget how young I actually was) BUT, hands down, marrying him was the best decision I've ever made in my life. We weren't even close to being finished with school, we had no clue what we wanted to do with our lives, we were young and stupid and in love. Here we are 5 years later and I've never once regretted marrying him. He is truly the best part of my life. I mean in.

    I think being young and in love is the best way to be.

    Good luck with everything, my dear. I hope it goes perfectly.

  14. 9 days?!?! ahhhh so so so exciting!

  15. so precious! and yes, nothing is better than having the boy ditch school for you ;)
    here's to those precious 9 days. enjoy all that time and try not to be stressed!!
    xo TJ

  16. Such cute polka dots and an adorable bow!