September 28, 2012

I like nice people.

shirt, shoes, bag: thrifted, pants: I made um

People have been waaaaay too nice to me today.
1. Cute Jen gave Rob and me some clothes! I love free. Also, she gave us potatoes and carrots from her and her hubby's garden. How presh is that?
2. My adorable neighbor brought over pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. !9274052704h9hf^75$! You don't understand how bad I've been wanting these cookies. I have been dreaming of them.
3. And my husband is always nice to me. I like him. :)

Have a fabulous weekend! Go be nice to someone!


  1. I. Want. Your. Pants!! SOO cute!!!

  2. I love your bangs more and more every time I see them! So beautiful!

  3. I saw a purple printed top like this at goodwill yesterday and now you're making me wish I would have gotten it! Love this outfit, especially the pants. I'm just not talented enough with the sewing maching to make my own, props to you!

    <3 Danielle

  4. you're so sweet! PS. you are absolutely adorable!
    and- i think those pants deserve a tutorial?

  5. Did you see that Panache is doing a clothing swap tonight? You need to come. Because I can only imagine the awesome clothes you have. Okay? :)

  6. p.s. Is Megan you neighbor? I think you live near her and she brought me come pumpkin cookies this week too!

  7. you are so cute! love that glasses

  8. This outfit is so fun! I love that blouse.


  9. such a great outfit, love your shirt! :)