September 11, 2012

Things that made me happy.

him: cardigan: forever 21, shirt: gap, pants: thrifted, shoes: zumies
her: dress & shoes: thrifted, shirt & tights: forever 21

Today wasn't as good as yesterday. I'm not all excited about the two out of my three classes I had today. The teachers are just kinda.... blah. But hopefully I'll get a better attitude. It's all about being positive, right? Things that did make me happy today included:
1. a girl in one of my classes coming up to me and saying she loves my blog. Seriously made my day. Sometimes I feel like no one really knows about my blog and it was so sweet of her to say something. She's a little cutie.
2. Rob coming home from work today. He worked all day and it was soooo good to finally see him walk through that door at 6:30. Hugs and kisses make everything better.
3. The dinner I  made was BOMB.


  1. A good dinner makes everything bomb! Yay for good things.

  2. Your number 1 is the coolest feeling ever! Hahaha! You guys are such a cute couple, btw!


  3. Way to be positive, although blah teachers are hard. I always try to sit near the front and comment/ask questions so that I can be engaged, otherwise I know I'll end up on Facebook or Pinterest, tuning out.

  4. I like your blog too. I think your dress looked really cute.

    xoxo Josephine

  5. isn't it great how the little things in life just make every thing perfect? i love it! love your dress!!

    and i've always been too shy to ask- but i'd love to go thrifting with you sometime! afterall- we do live in the same town!

  6. Ohhh Rob's outfit is just the most adorable right here! LOVE it.
    I also really like the looks of your dress - supar cute :)


  7. So weird to see you two wearing cardigans and long sleeves and tights! You look cozy. I'm jealous! It's still pretty hot over here.

  8. Love your cute top--such a fun pattern! And I'm incredibly jealous that you can wear tights at this time of year.

    I hope your classes get better and the teachers aren't as blah as they seem at first!

  9. I was a little sad with some of my teachers too :( I hate when that happens.