November 21, 2012


sweater, shirt, tie: thrifted, jeans: forever21, boots: charlotte russe

Rob and I aren't very romantic.... The level of romance we have is watching netflix in our bed. Together. So that other night I thought: "I am going to be romantical." I walked to the grocery store, picked up some pizza, bread sticks, ice cream, and two bottles of sparkling cider (they were 2 for $5, gotta get that deal, am I right? Also, we drank BOTH that night. We have problems....). I then laid out a cute quilt, got out our picnic basket, and put on our red lamp (I'll have to show a picture, it's legit). Then, I waited. Rob walked in that door and I'm awkwardly standing there.... Oh hey Rob. He thinks it's cute. We sit, we eat, we talk, blah blah blah. But here's the kicker: Rob then states: "Are you trying to tell me your pregnant?" HAHA. Oh Sir Robert how adorable you are. No kids baking in this oven anytime soon. But one thing that has come from this romance that I wanted is that we are more thoughtful of each other and are more willing to do things for each other. I'm not saying we weren't willing before, just more so now. It's great to see that a little effort to do something special can really spark new habits. Here's to being romanitcal!

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  1. Haha! That's so adorable. New to your blog + newly following :) xoxo! eliza