February 27, 2013

Being Content.

tee, sweater, skirt, shoes, belt: thrifted

I think the biggest goal I have right now is to be content. Content with the weather, my clothes, my hair, my life. I think so much of our life's time is wishing it away. Saying things like "I'll be happy when I'm done with school" or "Why can't Spring just get here?" Sure, I'm not a huge fan of winter, but it serves it place in the seasons. I love how pretty it makes the ground after it snows. Or  how quiet it is when it falls from the sky. But we all seem to be wishing for Spring to arrive. But when Spring gets here, are we just going to be wishing for Summer? And then Summer will get too warm and we'll be wishing it away for Fall.

I'm at a stage in my life where I just want contentment. I want to be at peace at whatever phase of life I may be in. I definitely want to get my degree, but I want to cherish the time that I'm in school. So many of us just rush through this life to get to the next check mark. Why don't we just slow down and breath in the life that we are so blessed to have?

Rob and I don't have a lot of money. We both have school to do. We live in the little town of Shelley, Idaho that doesn't even have a WalMart. I have crazy hair. Sometimes it really bothers me, but just in the last couple of days I feel so at peace with that. Of course I wish sometimes that we made more money and that I could just get my degree and move the heck out of Idaho, but why? This life is so dang beautiful and it should be treated that way. Be content with your life. Stop wishing it away. Love the life you live.

That was some tangent now wasn't it?


  1. Love the color of your sweater! I've been trying to be more content with my life too, this post is giving me more inspiration!

  2. Can definitely agree! A couple years ago I decided that I was going to stop complaining about the Montana Winters! So since then, I've actually come to love the snow! It has quite a few benefits, so yes! It's a good think to be content wherever God places us, in whatever situation we are in.
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  3. cuuuuuute. I LOVE this whole outfit.

  4. Hang in there! I signed on to www.the12x12project.com this year for this exact reason! I was just never content and needed to learn that I have so much to be thankful for! Check it out! In the meantime, hang in there!!! We all have those days!

  5. Very cute outfit.
    And yeah, it's very hard to be content, especially while waiting for "real life" to happen after college. But I know that once I graduate, I'll miss going to class and seeing my friends and working on art projects late into the night. So I try to to think of all the things I'll miss about college when I graduate, and it seems to be working :)
    And don't even get me started on clothes!

  6. so cute, girl. can't believe this WHOLE outfit is thrriiiifted! You goddess! Thanks for your words of wisdom, i always appreciate them

  7. I LOVE your hair. I think my hair is the same texture, but I can never get it to look as nice as yours! I think I've looked at your tutorial like 20 times. So... just validating you feeling content with that, because I love it!

  8. i've definitely been thinking about the same thing when it comes to the weather... winter, while it may be dreadful at times (just like EVERY season has its negative side)- it is there to serve a purpose... if anything to make people cuddle more! haha i kid. kinda...
    but seriously- couldn't agree more with you. contentment, in my opinion, leads to joy. and aren't we suppose to find joy in the journey?


  9. I completely agree with you - I See all these people in school COMPLAIN non stop about the fact that they are in school and that - would you believe it, school requires us to work hard. Shocker right? Bah. It bugs me that people can't just be appreciative of how lucky they are to be here. To be in a great school that has so much to offer if you're willing to throw yourself into it. A school that some people NEVER get the opportunity to go to. It makes me delete people off facebook when the complain about it so much.

    I love that pea colour of your cardigan, such a great colour against your hair!!


  10. Amen to all of this! Being content is something so simple yet sometimes so hard to do! You look darling, love all the thrifted pieces of course :)

  11. Your outfit is so cute!
    I agree, it's ok to have goals, but you're aspirations shouldn't keep you from feeling happy. We all need to slow down and just be content. :)


  12. Your thoughts remind me of a talk by Elder Uchtdorf, I love his talks because they are so simple and sweet. The talk is called ”Of things that matter most” I how it helps you feel better, it always reminds me to stop stressing about our timeline, and to just enjoy the present.


  13. Hey, lady! I "tagged" you for a little question video I did! http://fromaheartoverflowing.blogspot.com/2013/03/tag-youre-it.html


  14. Thank you for this. This is one of my biggest goals in life right now. I always find myself just wanting to skip ahead to the next part of life instead of enjoying the now.

    I seriously love this post!
    Thanks :)
    Kayla Stober

  15. Hi Katherine,
    I came across your blog the other day and I love it! I think I've read through just about all of your posts. You've got an awesome sense of style and you always look so put together. I particularly love the ways you style your hair; I have similar hair, and I find it quite difficult, but I've bookmarked a few of your hairstyles to try. Here's hoping my hair cooperates!

    I apologise for commenting on a months old post, but I felt particularly drawn to this one. I was reading your words, and you reminded me of my younger self. I'm a couple of years post graduation now, but like you I got married in university. I'm so glad I married young, and I wouldn't change anything for the world, but sometimes it really sucked. My final year was particularly hard. We were so broke, my classes were killing me, I was really stressed, and I found it difficult to juggle my varying responsibilities (work, school, home). And when you see your single friends living it up when you're at home (again) - yea, it can suck.

    Do you want to know some good news? You will most likely never be this poor again. You and Rob will graduate soon and get jobs. Provided that you're wise and careful with your money (and don't have kids too early!!!) you'll be able to use the skills you've learnt as a frugal married student to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. You'll be able to move wherever you want. Your social circle will broaden from those you've met because they happened to go to the same college as you. If you move to a big city, you'll most likely meet many, many creative people who share your passions and can collaborate with you on amazing things. Yes, there will probably be some trials along the way, but life does get a whole lot more awesome after graduation and it will feel so good because you worked for it.

    The things you're doing now, the challenges you're facing are all growing you and perfecting you for what's to come. Trust me, if your eyes are on the horizon, you'll miss the lessons God is showing you all around you. You just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and keep on being faithful where God has you right now.

    Again, sorry for the long comment. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.