November 29, 2013

I'm a little late but...

I hope you all had a really happy and fantastic Thanksgiving. I know I did! I feel so grateful to live in this great nation and to be an American. I'm thankful for a loving husband and family who support me in all of my dreams. I'm so happy that I've been able to go to a church school and to be able to graduate this December. I'm grateful for all of you and how loving and kind you are to me. I got the sweetest note from a friend from high school today that drove me to tears. She told me how much this little blog has helped her through hard times. It's those little moments that make it worth it. I feel so humble and blessed to be here.



  1. Sweet couple..and happy thanksgiving!!

    xo Josephine

  2. I think you're fabulous, and you're a great example to me because I go to BYUI too, and you're just amazing. Love, Kim. (:

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    If you do give it a try please let me know how you made out.

    All the best,