November 9, 2013

Lumberjack Chic.

plaid button-up and vest: thrifted, pants: forever 21, shoes: target

My mom thrifted me that furry jacket about a year ago. I loved the fur, but I wasn't so hot about the collar, sleeves, and waist. It's been in my re-fashion pile forever so I decided just to chopped um off! Easiest re-fashion ever people. Took two minutes and now I'm feeling rather lumberjacky today with a spruce of chic to it. Now I'm going to go get some Chick-fil-a and play some games with friends. Have a classy Saturday you lovely people.

And this is me pulling up my pants. They're always falling down... Super sexy posing, right?


  1. Very cute! Love the fur. What did you do with the zipper? Cut that off too?

  2. hahaha, that last one
    and yes, this looks loads better as a vest

  3. Hehe love it. I love fur vests and fur collars a lot lately!


  4. you look adorable! and the vest you made is seriously amazing! i can't get enough of flannel and fur right now :)